A few days ago, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore has verified the reports that Windows 10S will no longer be a standalone software. As the company allows users to use this platform as a “mode” within existing full Windows 10 installations.

Microsoft designed Windows 10 S to give a tough competition to its one of the biggest competitor Chrome OS, which is a lightweight, more powerful and even more secure operating system.

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But, the company missed something that they desired to implement in the Windows 10 S. Therefore, the company made it compulsory for users to get a copy of Windows 10 Pro if they want to use Windows 10 S.

The company is yet to post more details about this. According to the rumors, S Mode will be accessible on all versions of Windows excluding the Core+ and Workstation.

Therefore, the cost will also increase if the user upgraded from S mode to full access depending on the current version of Windows a user is running. For some users, it  will be free but, for others they would have to pay a fee of $49.

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Well, we donot have any officila statement about the release of this new version in Windows 10. But, according to a tweet from Belfiore, it can take place “next year”, so we will update you here once we get some details about the release date.