Microsoft continues distancing Cortana from Windows

by Zeeshan Akram
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Most of the experts suggest that virtual assistant Cortana should be removed from Windows 10.

Therefore, it should become a separate app. According to the reports, Microsoft has introduced the beta version of Cortana on the Windows Store. Moreover, you can download it from the Windows Store now.

It is reported that the tech giant has separated the app to release the separate update for the voice assistant in the app.

All those updates will have nothing to do with Windows update. Due to this, the Cortana becomes more agile, and developers will have an option to update without installing all other updates.

Soon, users might have more control over Cortana usage. Users can uninstall the app if they do not want it on their device anymore.

For so long, the tech giant has been planning to replace Cortana. The company has just split the voice assistant function from the search in Windows 10.

Microsoft proclaims that it made the change to “enable each experience to innovate independently to serve their target audiences best and use cases.”

The company is also looking to add some enhancements to Cortana, such as natural sounding conversations.

Due to this, the discussion with the assistant feels more like a conversation with a real person.

Initially, the tech giant, Microsoft has introduced Cortana as an OS assistant.

Cortana is compatible with different platforms such as thermostats, iOS devices, and smart speakers. These latest upgradations might develop Cortana as an individual entity.

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