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Microsoft is developing its own quantum computer hardware

After companies like Google and D-Wave, working in partnership with NASA on practical quantum computing breakthroughs, Microsoft  is publicly throwing its own hat into the ring with a new quantum computing initiative- known as Topological Quantum Computer. As everyone know about D-wave Quantum computers, so  now interest has grown in making more powerful quantum computer than D-wave.

Microsoft has created a video for explaining Quantum Computing and Microsoft is spending a huge amount on this project. The have hired new leaders in Quantum computing field. If these machines work, they will have an impact on work in areas such as drug design and artificial intelligence, as well as offer a better understanding of the foundations of modern physics.

Microsoft Started funding in the field in 2005 at  Station Q laboratory under the leadership of mathematician Michael Freedman.

Todd Holmdahl, a veteran engineering manager, led various Microsoft projects including its Xbox video game machine, said:

“Once we get the first qubit figured out, we have a road map that allows us to go to thousands of qubits in a rather straightforward way,”

Microsoft now believes that it is close enough to designing the basic qubit building block. A quantum computer would most likely consist of hundred or thousands of qubits.

Dr. Kouwenhoven of Delft University and a part of Microsoft Quantum project said:

“My dream application for a quantum computer would be a machine that could solve problems in quantum physics.”

However, there is still a debate among physicists and computer scientists over whether quantum computers that perform useful calculations will ever be created.



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