Wunderlist is emerging day by day. Apparently, Microsoft bought the team and indicated that list and task management app is going to be retired soon.

Apparently, the company is also going to announce TO-DO Preview, the initial version of spiritual version of Wunderlist, which has been getting improvements time by time.

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The feature is now available on iPhones, Android and web browsers. “My Day” will be there to offer you a clean slate daily.

By tapping on a light-bulb in the corner, you can be able to attach items’ list. The feature is also having To-Do’s “intelligent suggestions” will pick up tasks from your existing, old and future lists.

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It will also prioritize the list which it considers most important.To-Do will also feature flexible reminders that you can bake into repeat on Weekdays, Monday mornings, whenever you want to repeat them.

However, Wunderlist will not be getting any new features in future and will be unsorted later this year. The team suggests that before the company switches to To-Do feature, the company should have to wait for feedback and suggestions from users.

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However, it is not a complete substitute for Wunderlist but sharing list is a good feature and is working apparently and the app will reveal in Mac, iPad, and Android tablet versions. Now, you can play on the phone based previews starting today.