Microsoft Launcher gets Updated UI and new features

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Microsoft Launcher gets Updated UI and new features

Microsoft launched its Microsoft Launcher for Android in 2015 as Arrow Launcher and since then Microsoft is doing for the best user experience.

Last month, Microsoft pushed news about a major update to its Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher gets Updated UI and new features.

The update is now available and includes massive UI update and new features:

  • Family: parents can show/hide kids in the Family card;
  • Improvements to reading news articles with Microsoft Edge browser;
  • Toggle to hide page indicator on the home screen;
  • Cortana: supports multi-turn SMS + calling;
  • UI improvements: a welcome page, settings page, widgets & context menu;
  • Support for removing screens in overview mode via drag & drop.

The family card will help you to keep an eye on your kids, but it requires a Microsoft family account and Android device must be signed in with the same family account and launcher must be installed on both a parent’s and a child’s device to access child’s location and app activities.

If you have used the beta version of the launcher , then you already know these feature, but for the stable version, an update is required.

The only drawback of this launcher is that it will push you towards Microsoft.

If you want to download you can download it from Google Play Store.

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