Microsoft releases first test version of its Edge browser for Mac

Microsoft Edge for mac

In the previous month, the tech giant, Microsoft has introduced a preview of its latest Chromium powered Edge browser for Windows 10.

From now, you can also test this latest browser on macOS as well. Apparently, the macOS Canary build contains similar features that you will see in Windows 10 preview.

However, the tech giant has introduced some slight changes to “make it feel at home on a Mac.”

Although, the macOS preview has been updated with few changes in font, menus and keyboard shortcuts. You will find all these changes really familiar.

Moreover, the changes also include some control such as tab switching through the Touch Bar, website shortcuts and trackpad gestures, that are quite similar to that of Mac.

The company proclaims that it is willing to add improvements in the browser. Therefore, it will release updates more frequently. In a blog post, the company says that it welcomes feedback.

Just like the test build of Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser for macOS Canary build contains key design features, probably from Google Chrome.

This feature is developed on the same Chromium open-source code. It is expected that the new browser is according to the current web standards.

Which will surely increase the user experience? If the things go well according to Microsoft’s expectations, the developers will surely prefer Edge for development purposes.

Head to this link, if you want to download the new macOS Canary. Moreover, the company promises to release a preview on Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the near future.