Microsoft webmail breach exposed email addresses and subject lines

by Zeeshan Akram
Published: Last Updated on

If you are managing your email on webmail services of Microsoft, then most probably you will always be looking for suspicious activity.

According to reports, the company confirmed that a limited number of cyber attacks have stolen numerous emails from January 1st and March 28th through customer support representative’s credentials.

The infringement does not show message contents and sign-in details, although, the breach did contain subject lines, email addresses as well as custom folder names.

The company yet to speak about the number of credentials that are compromised and it is unclear about the location of affected users’ account.

But, it is expected that some of them were in the European Union and the company has contacted its data protection officer for affected users’ contact information.

The breach compromised everything from legendary Hotmail, MSN addresses and the latest Microsoft Outlook.

It is reported that this violation has compromised more than 772 million email addresses and it is clearly a violation of privacy.

It is expected that the cyber-attackers might use this breach data for spam as well as for theft and fraud.

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