Microsoft’s Chromium Based Edge browser is available to try on Windows 7

Chromium based edge

From the past few months, Microsoft was planning to reach to more users. For this purpose, the tech giant has decided to expand its Chromium-based edge browser to those who still want to use older versions of Windows.

Therefore, the company has developed and released a Canary channel preview builds of Chromium-based Edge browser.

The users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can use this preview build of Edge. The preview contains rough edges like the most pre-release software.

The features of Chromium-based Edge for users having an older version of users is same for Windows 10 users.

Although the forthcoming Internet Explorer mode is all set and it makes sure that it provides compatibility to business users.

Moreover, Microsoft proclaims that Dev channel builds will be available with upcoming earlier Windows releases.

However, we can expect that this is not a major release, especially for a home PC. But, it might become an essential release for corporate web users who always stuck with old version releases.

A lot of office employees do not have full control over the browser they have been using.

Because IT managers restrict them to use what Microsoft is providing, once the tech giant, Microsoft releases its Edge, the office dwellers will have an up-to-date browser.

They do not have to use the outdated and older version of Internet Explorer provided by Microsoft.


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