Microsoft’s next Xbox will reportedly launch in 2020

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

Microsoft made an early call about the designing of new Xbox hardware at its E3 presentation but the company is yet to publish the release date of its new Xbox.

But, according to rumors, the next generation Xbox named as Scarlett will be introduced sometime in 2020.

Although, we do not have any type of technical detail about this device it is being described as “family of devices.” Just like Xbox One, you can be able to see some more derivatives as well.

However, its release time may be quick just like the Xbox One X, which is more likely to be released near the end of 2017.

Although, it makes some sense if we keep in mind Microsoft’s current development in the console world.

Microsoft has done well in improving its Xbox One, thus the company has proved that it is second to Sony in this console generation.

If the company has been able to release Scarlett earlier than 2012 then it will increase the pace of a company’s development and might give a tough competition to its competitors.

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