MIT Technology Review Pakistan Chapter launched with a Magazine and Website

MIT Technology Review Pakistan
MIT Technology Review Pakistan

MIT Technology Review, it is the leading publishing and peer-reviewed research on entrepreneurship and technology by Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT. They launched their Pakistan edition last weekend. It is country’s first publication with peer-reviewed research science and technology. In the first phase, they focusing on energy crises of Pakistan.

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MIT Technology Review was founded back in 1899 and now they have 1.1 Million followers on social media and their international partners are Brazil,  Germany, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, China, Portugal, Spain and Pan Arab. They cover numerous topics related to science and technology including biotechnology, information and communications technology IT and CT and climate change.

Umari Saif the editor in chief said, this publication will full fill the need for a technology and science publication:

“that talked about real technology issues, published actual science and educated the tech-savvy youth.” With this publication, he also hopes to expose local innovations to a global audience.

Being the sole licensee of the MIT Technology Review publication, Information Technology University of Punjab (ITU) will also organize an annual competition “35 Innovators Under 35”, a competition Saif won himself in 2011 at MIT.

Browse their website here


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