Moto Z Mod puts a walkie-talkie on your phone


Motorola has been inspiring active hardware hackers to design Mods for the Moto Z smartphone in a worldwide contest until now results are not satisfactory. One of the creators has made latest Mod about

One of the creators has made latest Mod about Linc radio. According to the creators, you can be able to communicate with each other using a small Walkie-talkie Mod whie staying in range of almost 6 miles without using a call service.

Linc works on consumer-level frequencies having 121 private channels that permit you to have a chatter free experience, even if you are in busy areas.

This Mod is also capable of sending SMS or transmitting voice signals to a single friend or group of friends within a range. Even if you don’t have cell service you can also be able to send your GPS location from your smartphone.

The creators have made it water and dust resistant. The Linc features a battery of 1500 mAh, which gives you 20 hours of standby time and also has the ability to communicate with other traditional 2-way radios.

The Mod will be connected to Moto Z “seamlessly” and Linc states that users will be to connect their smartphones with Mod using Bluetooth. Click here to watch the video about the project.

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