Motorola obtains a patent for a flip phone with an outward display

by Ijlala Maqbool

Motorola was one of the companies that comes first in line to release a foldable smartphone, but nothing has been heard in the nearly 1.5 years since the Moto Razr and its 5G variant were released.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has now granted a patent for another foldable phone – tall and narrow like the Razr. Still, the screen is on the outside, and the foldable display wraps around it to create a dual-screen device when folded.

According to the patent, a small island is left on top of the phone for the camera setup, implying that the bottom portion of the screen will be shorter. The new patented device is easily imagined as a cross between the Moto Razr and the Royole Flexpai.

The actual hinge will be a completely new design that should reduce creases and allow the phone to fold flush without gaps. If the device is successful, moving parts within the mechanism will enable the panel to bend freely.

We say “if” rather than “when” because companies frequently patent designs never used in commercial devices. However, this isn’t some vague idea. This design has some obvious advantages, and we have little doubt Motorola will deliver it to the market if strong protective glass for foldable panels becomes available.

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