MSI Unveils Z790 MAX Motherboards: They Will Enable Intel 14th Gen CPUs to Reach 6.3 GHz Speed

by Adeel Younas
MSI Z790 MAX Motherboards

In a recent development, MSI has unveiled its Z790 MAX motherboards equipped with a groundbreaking BIOS feature known as “P-Core Beyond 6 GHz.” These new motherboards promises to deliver a significant performance boost to Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen CPUs, pushing their clock speeds to an astonishing 6.3 GHz. However, keep in mind Z790 series boards are not budget friendly but rather an premium choice for enthusiasts.

What is P-Core Beyond 6 GHz Feature?

MSI’s Z790 MAX motherboards have a game-changing BIOS feature, “P-Core Beyond 6 GHz.” This feature, initially revealed by the renowned leaker chi11eddog, allows users to effortlessly enhance the performance of Intel’s forthcoming 14th Gen CPUs with a simple click.

The CPU model isn’t explicitly mentioned, but many speculate it’s the Intel Core i9-14900K. The Intel Core i9-14900K boasts a formidable 6 GHz single-core clock speed. The motherboard was observed running DDR5-8000 memory. This showcases the Z790 MAX’s prowess in supporting high-speed DIMMs.

Fine-Tuning for Optimal Performance

The “P-Core Beyond 6 GHz+” feature remains disabled by default. Users can easily activate it by entering the tuning settings. Once inside, users are presented with a range of options to fine-tune their CPU’s performance. Once inside, users are presented with a range of options to fine-tune their CPU’s performance. Two crucial clock speeds can be adjusted:

  1. Maximum Single-Core Frequency.
  2. Maximum All-Core Frequency.
Z790 motherboard performance

Source: @chi11eddog

With this feature enabled, Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs can reach an impressive 6.3 GHz for single-core tasks and 5.8 GHz for all-core operations.

The BIOS feature intelligently manages power settings to ensure the CPU achieves these remarkable frequencies. However, it’s worth noting that auto-tuning may sometimes result in higher voltages, making it more suitable for less experienced users.

Z790 MAX Allows Manual Overclocking

For overclocking enthusiasts seeking more control, manual tuning options remain available and often deliver the best results. While “P-Core Beyond 6 GHz” offers a convenient boost, experienced users can explore manual configurations to achieve their desired performance levels. Here’s pricing of Z790 MAX motherboards for your refference:

MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX $1299 US MEG Z790 GODLIKE $1199 US +8.3%
MEG Z790 ACE MAX $699 US MEG Z790 ACE $609 US +14.7%
MPG Z790 CARBON MAX $499 US MPG Z790 CARBON $479 US +4.1%
MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX $399 US MPG Z790 EDGE TI $379 US +5.2%
MAG Z790 Tomahawk MAX $329 US MAG Z790 Tomahawk $289 US +13.8%
Pro Z790-A MAX $279 US Pro Z79-A $239 US +16.7%

We’re yet to experience the MSI Z790 MAX motherboards. In the coming days, we expect to see the real-world performance of these boards in reviews so stay tuned.

News Source: chi11eddog

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