A Closer Look at MSI’s Z790 MAX Motherboard Pricing: What You Need to Know

by Adeel Younas
MSI's Z790 MAX Motherboard Pricing

In the ever-evolving world of technology, staying ahead of the curve often comes with a hefty price tag. These boards, designed for Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs. These are compatible with existing 13th and 12th Gen Desktop chips. MSI’s Z790 MAX brings improvements in power, cooling, I/O, and the buzz-worthy WiFi 7 support. But the key question here is: Are they worth the hefty price?

MSI’s Z790 MAX Motherboards

MSI’s Z790 MAX series motherboards have garnered significant attention due to their compatibility with Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs, along with support for existing 13th and12th Gen Desktop chips.

These motherboards boast a range of enhancements, including improved power delivery, enhanced cooling solutions, expanded I/O options, and the highly anticipated WiFi 7 support.

Price Comparison: MSI Z790 MAX vs. the Competition

To better understand the pricing strategy behind MSI’s Z790 MAX series, let’s compare the costs of these motherboards to some of the prominent components in the market, namely the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 and the RX 7900 XTX.

Motherboard Model MAX Version Price (US$) Non-MAX Version Price (US$) Price Difference (%)
MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX $1299 $1199 +8.3%
MEG Z790 ACE MAX $699 $609 +14.7%
MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI $499 $479 +4.1%
MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI $399 $379 +5.2%
MAG Z790 Tomahawk MAX WIFI $329 $289 +13.8%
PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI $279 $239 +16.7%
  • These motherboards are designed to pair with upcoming 14th Generation Raptor Lake Refresh processors.
  • The leaked prices suggest premium pricing, with the top-tier model priced at $1,299.
  • Price increases range from 5% to 15% compared to non-Max versions.
  • The motherboards come with enhanced features, including Wi-Fi 7, 5G Ethernet, advanced power delivery, DDR5-7600 support, M.2 Frozr heatsinks, and USB4 PD100W expansion cards.


The flagship of the Z790 MAX series, the MSI MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX, comes with a hefty price tag of $1299 US. Surprisingly, this places it above the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080, which starts at $1199 US.

2. MSI MEG Z790 ACE MAX: $699 US

The MSI MEG Z790 ACE MAX, which costs $699 US, comes in close behind. This is $89 US more than the standard model, which costs $609 US.

The ACE MAX strikes a good mix between price and performance, making it a good choice for gamers and hobbyists who want a strong motherboard.

3. MSI MPG Z790 Carbon MAX WIFI: $499 US

The MSI MPG Z790 Carbon MAX WIFI costs $499 US, which is $20 more than its non-MAX cousin, which costs $479 US. It aims to be a good choice for most users because it has WiFi and is priced competitively.

4. Other Options in the Lineup

The rest of the Z790 MAX motherboard lineup includes the MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI at $399 US, the MAG Z790 Tomahawk MAX WIFI at $329 US, and the PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI at $279 US.

These prices reflect increases of varying degrees over their non-MAX counterparts, catering to different budget and feature preferences. MSI’s Z790 MAX Motherboard Official reveals are expected in October alongside the new Intel Raptor Lake processors.

News Source: chi11eddog on X

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