NEC Display Revealed MultiSync EA271Q and P243W, Prices Start at $620

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NEC Display Revealed MultiSync EA271Q and P243W, Prices Start at $620 Image Name

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc a brand well known for commercial displays in business for the monitor, POS displays and projectors. NEC today announced the availability of two new desktop monitor: the MultiSync EA271Q and MultiSync P234W.

NEC Announced New 1440P Business Monitors

NEC MultiSync EA271Q has USB Type-C connection that provides connection to monitor and charges a connected laptop or device using the single USB cable. It is a great monitor for office users and it eliminates the need for a power cord for the device. The only hurdle remains is having type-c charging compatible phone or laptop. NEC MultiSync EA271Q also features a DisplayPort in/out to setup multi-monitor configurations through single cable and control Sync to keep settings synchronized.

“The 27″ MultiSync EA271Q significantly updates our popular E275WMi monitor, and the 24″ MultiSync P243W refreshes the P242W, these two new models provide users sleeker, more productive monitors and show our ongoing commitment to technological innovation and to helping our customers improve their workflows.”

Art Marshall – Senior Product Manager for Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions

NEC MultiSync EA271Q

NEC MultiSync EA271Q has a large desktop workspace with less distraction due to its 3-sided narrow bezel design. It is a 27″ QHD (2560×1440) PLS panel. If you don’t know PLS (Plane to Line Switching) are quite similar to IPS panels, so much so that they have the same advantages and disadvantages, with a couple extra minor advantages. PLS is produced by Samsung, who claims that compared to IPS panels, PLS panels have better viewing angles, a 10% increase in brightness, 15% decrease in production costs, increased image quality, and allow for flexible panels.

PLS panel in NEC MultiSync EA271Q provides enhanced display by hardware calibration with the NEC-exclusive SpectraView II Engine. The EA271Q has color calibration bundle, designed for those who look for excellent color accuracy. The EA271Q-BK-SV bundle includes the display as well as the SpectraViewII color calibration software and a Spyder5 colorimeter.

NEC Display Revealed MultiSync EA271Q and P243W, Prices Start at $620

NEC MultiSync P243W

NEC MultiSync P243W is 24″ monitor that provides business class color accuracy and simplify workflows for tasks like web designing, video editing etc. It also offers Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture and support for REC-709, sRGB, and custom color modes. This P243W Monitor by NEC fits any environment and has a fully functional stand that has feature including tilt, rotate, pivot, height adjustment.

NEC MultiSync P243W

Other key features include:

  • Best-in-class connectivity: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA and USB hub with DisplaySync Pro (2 up/3 down) and a USB 3.1 hub
  • 24-inch WUXGA (1920×1200) IPS panel
  • Business-class speakers

This P243W has color calibration bundle (P243W-BK-SV bundle) that includes a display as well as SpectraViewII color calibration software along with NEC custom MDSVSENSOR3 colorimeter.

Pricing and Availability

The EA271Q-BK and P243W-BK monitors are now available at a minimum advertised price of $619 and $699, respectively, and the bundles are available for $769 (EA271Q-BK-SV) and $949 (P243W-BK-SV).

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