Netflix Android app has a great new downloads feature iPhone users will never see

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Netflix has released any amazing update of its Android App, which allows users to save and store downloads on their SD cards.

After several months of hopeless consideration, Netflix users had been given a benefit of storing and saving TV shows and films for offline view at the end of last year, but there was a problem that users can only save their favorite contents on device’s onboard storage.

Due to which, storage problem was occured, which did not let the users save contents more than the memory space of device because of this users cause many problems.


As the majority of the Netflix users have low-end Android smartphones giving them the limited size of onboard storage, but those smartphones also feature SD cards in order to resolve the storage issue.

Thus, providing more storage space to the users to store their favourities.Keeping in view this mechanism, the company has introduced this new feature to save more contents for Offline viewing.

However, Netflix still has very tense situation that still all Android users cant be able to acces this feature and save contents on SD card, however the company will highlight some devices.

But, it is still a good news for travelers, who often have to deal with the erratic internet connection during their journeys.Unfortunately, iOS users will not be able to enjoy this feature of Netflix app because Apple has eqpuiped its iPhones with SD card feature.



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