Leaker Hints at New Sony Hardware Release Ahead of PS5 Pro

by Sarah Forst
New Hardware PS5 Pro

New Sony hardware might be released sooner than expected, according to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming. The leaker hints that Sony is working on another piece of hardware that might release before the heavily rumored PS5 Pro. While this news hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, it’s still exciting to ponder what products the company could be working on.

Possible New Hardware

During a recent stream, Henderson mentioned the new hardware and teased it on Twitter. Insider Gaming previously reported that a PS5 with a detachable disk drive is in the works, which could mean that we’ll see an array of PS5 iterations, including peripherals.

Henderson even speculated about the possibility of a PlayStation wearable, such as a stylish watch that integrates with PS Stars.

Unconfirmed Rumors

It’s important to remember that Sony does not yet confirm these rumors, and the company may still be experimenting with different concepts. Additionally, Henderson doesn’t mention the “PlayStation” brand in reference to the new hardware, so it remains to be seen what exactly Sony is working on.

Price Drop?

A recent price drop for the current PS5 model also hints at PlayStation 5 Pro releasing sooner than expected. It will be interesting to see where Sony will position its upcoming console in terms of pricing. As mentioned in TechWafer’s recent detailed coverage of PlayStation 5 Pro, we expect the price to be around $600.

It will also be interesting to see how other companies react to Sony’s new hardware – and also what they launch. While we wait for official confirmation from Sony, we can speculate about the exciting possibilities that new Sony hardware could bring.

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