Nokia is the only smartphones brand with superfast Android updates

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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After HMD Global has started controlling the manufacturing of smartphones of Nokia, the company has been getting some fame again.

Nokia is well-known word as a maximum of the peoples including me had/have used its phones, but, after long time the company has made comeback and introduced some good budget phone like Nokia 3.

Although, the company’s phones are not much competition as compared to all other smartphones available right now but it do provides some good features but design of Nokia’s legendary phones is excellent.

But Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 has proved that the company did a lot of hard work to come back and give hard competition to all of its rivals.

The long-term commitment to support is an excellent step taken by HMD Global and it gives an edge to the company somehow. The Android-powered smartphones of the company are as good as the pure of Android versions.

Well if you are getting updates from the company more frequently and you have been regularly updating your device then I must say your device is more secure for vulnerabilities.

The updated version of Android helps you to defend your device against dangerous malware and security threats. According to Nokia, iOS and Windows are more secure ass compared to Android, thereby, the company is more enthusiastic about the latest updates of Android.

Lately, the company has proclaimed that it is going to test an Android Oreo beta update on Nokia 3,5, and 6. Nokia is bit fast as compared to all other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, who waits for the stable version of Android even for their flagship devices.

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