Nothing will reportedly announce its first smartphone next month

by Ijlala Maqbool

Nothing acquired the Essential smartphone brand, including all of its intellectual property and brand assets, just over a year ago. 

Since then, there has been reason to believe that Nothing was working on a new smartphone. 

Rumors of this began to circulate in October, and according to the most recent TechCrunch report, Nothing could announce a phone, most probably around April. 

According to the outlet’s source, for some time now, Carl Pei has been meeting with the main industry executives at MWC to exhibit show off a prototype of the soon to come Nothing phone. The head appears to be close to Nothing. Tech Crunch confirms that it has seen a photo of Pei and a Qualcomm executive meeting.

There are no details on the hardware itself, except that it will have the same design and “elements of transparency” as Nothing’s first pair of earbuds.

We’re excited to see a new brand enter the smartphone market, and we’re curious to see if Nothing’s first-generation smartphone will be significant enough to be an industry disruptor, though the odds are slim.

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, founded Nothing. 

Nothing’s first-ever product was a pair of earbuds with an eye-catching transparent design. 

It was priced at $100 and had a unique aesthetic, but this isn’t enough to succeed.

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