NVIDIA Gained While AMD Lost Discrete GPU Market Share in Q3 2017

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The latest discrete GPU market report has been published by Job Peddie Research which shows the NVIDIA has gained the lead in market share over AMD. The report is for the third quarter of 2017, and there are a lot of developments were made during the period in GPU industry so let’s have a look at details and graphs.

Discrete GPU Shipments Are The Highest in 5 Years – Market Performs Outstandingly Well With An Increase of 29.1% Sequentially

Speaking of the market itself, Q3 2017 saw an impressive increased shipment of discrete GPUs. The market share of discrete GPUs include all manufacturers and their AIB partners. The market share doesn’t take into account in integrated embedded GPU solutions.

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The demand of graphics cards for Crypto mining and gaming markets was at all time high which led to a sequential increase of 29.1%(Q/Q) and 21.5(Y/Y) increase from last year. The increase in demand seen is outstanding, leading over ten-year of high 14.4% compared to Desktop PC shipments, the AIB desktop shipments were higher with 21.5% increase over 8.9% (Desktop PCs). The desktop PC market includes all PCs shipped through OEMs whereas the AIBs desktop comprises custom-made rigs which are popular among PC gamers and crypto miners.

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The crypto mining had its fair share of influence in discrete GPU market during Q3 2017; It was not as effective as the previous quarter. The reports mention that crypto mining demand is slowly dwindling and it may cause a decrease in GPU market share in coming quarters, but gaming is still here to save the day.

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PC gaming is the main contributor to biggest jumps in graphics market as it was since the beginning. We have seen it in overall GPU market share report which came last month. The demand is increasing with the launch of games such as Destiny 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, COD WWII, Star Wars: Battlefront II. The need for graphics cards is on the rise.

NVIDIA and AMD Discrete GPU Market Share Report For Q3 2017

If we look at market share split between NVIDIA and AMD, we’ll see exciting results. NVIDIA has increased market share to 72.8% compared to 69.7% during the previous quarter. AMD saw slight decrease share from 30.3% to 27.2%.

This is an interesting trend since AMD graphics card are known to ship well when the crypto mining is at its peak. This year, however, the NVIDIA graphics card also saw increased demand during the crypto cycle which led to increased market share on their end. As mentioned before Q3 was not a strong quarter for crypto mining compared to Q2 2017.

The mining craze has also decreased by a huge fraction, and since gaming and holiday season will be all that keeps graphics demand up in Q4 2017, it will be interesting how NVIDIA and AMD perform in the coming quarter.

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