Nvidia has revealed its new architecture with details of the first GPUs at SIGGRAPH – a conference targeting computer graphics professionals.

This new architecture is known as Turing architecture, this Turing architecture includes “RT Core” hardware designed to drive ray tracing.

Nvidia revealed Turing architecture with ray tracing hardware.

Ray tracing is a complicated mechanism that can deliver realistic lighting effects in real time. Nvidia says the new Turing-based Quadro RTX the “world’s first ray-tracing GPU” is the biggest leap since the company introduced CUDA.

The Quadro RTX products are highly recommended for high-end professional use, not gaming. The flagship Quadro RTX 8000 will cost $10,000 and will come with 48GB of new GDDR6 memory, 4,608 CUDA cores and ray tracing capabilities clocked at 10gigarays a second.

The GPUs will simply use Nvidia’s NVLink interface which also supports the VirtualLink standard that can power VR headsets over a single USB-C cable.

Next week at Gamescom, Nvidia is likely to announce the next generation of its consumer-focused GeForce gaming GPUs.