Nvidia RTX 4070 vs. AMD RX 6950 XT: The One I’d Get

by Adeel Younas
RTX 4070 vs. AMD RX 6950 XT

As graphics power becomes more essential in gaming, content creation, and computational tasks, it’s crucial to know which graphics card will deliver the most impact for your buck. In the arena of high-end graphics cards, two giants typically come to mind: AMD and Nvidia. Today, we’ll be diving deep into a comparison between two notable GPUs from these powerhouses – the AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT and the Nvidia RTX 4070. This comparison focuses on their key features, performance on various benchmark tests, price points, associated software, and power efficiency.

Given the superior features, exceptional performance, and competitive pricing, the Nvidia RTX 4070 is best choice for gamers. Making a solid investment in this GPU will enhance your gaming experience in the $600 budget bracket.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • The technology behind each GPU
  • Benchmarks and performance
  • Power efficiency
  • Cost and value for money

Let’s compare the tech behind these two beasts. The Nvidia RTX 4070 utilises the AD104 architecture, built by TSMC with a 4n process technology. In contrast, the AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT operates on the Navi 21 architecture and a slightly less advanced TSMC N7 process technology. This translates to a higher transistor count for the Radeon RX 6950 XT, housing 26.8 billion versus the RTX 4070’s 32 billion.

So let’s dive into the titans of the graphic card industry – AMD and Nvidia, comparing their front-runner models – the Radeon RX 6950 XT and the RTX 4070, respectively.

Graphics Card RTX 4070 RX 6950 XT
Architecture AD104 Navi 21
Process Technology TSMC 4N TSMC N7
Transistors (Billion) 32 26.8
Die size (mm^2) 294.5 519
SMs / CUs 46 80
GPU Cores (Shaders) 5888 5120
Tensor Cores 184 N/A
Ray Tracing “Cores” 46 80
Boost Clock (MHz) 2475 2310
VRAM Speed (Gbps) 21 18
VRAM (GB) 12 16
VRAM Bus Width 192 256
L2 / Infinity Cache 36 128
ROPs 64 128
TMUs 184 320
TFLOPS FP32 (Boost) 29.1 23.7
TFLOPS FP16 (FP8) 233 (466) 47.4
Bandwidth (GBps) 504 576
TBP (watts) 200 335
Launch Date Apr 2023 May 2022
Last Price $529.99 $989.96

Let’s break down how these specifications could affect your gameplay and other graphic-intensive tasks.

Features and Technology

Nvidia continues its tradition of innovative technology with the RTX 4070, boasting advancements in ray tracing, DLSS, AI, and more. While AMD’s RX 6950 XT has commendable features, including an extra 4GB of VRAM, it falls short of matching Nvidia’s leap forward.

Drivers and Software

Both AMD and Nvidia show a strong commitment to enhancing GPU performance with regular driver updates. They have delivered robust support, consistently releasing game-ready drivers for major game releases.


When it comes to gaming prowess, Nvidia’s RTX 4070 emerges victorious. With superior ability to handle ray tracing games, DLSS upscaling, and AI workloads, it has the edge. However, AMD’s RX 6950 XT proves dominant when it comes to pure rasterization games.

Let’s Dive Into the Benchmarks

Ready to dive deep into the performance of Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 and AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT? Well, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison chart showcasing crucial benchmark results. So, sit tight and let’s have a look at their head-to-head performance.

Graphics Card Comparison – RTX 4070 vs. RX 6950 XT

Benchmark Winner Performance Difference
Rasterization Performance RX 6950 XT RX 6950 XT is 14% ahead at 1440p, 17% ahead at 4K
Ray Tracing Performance RTX 4070 RTX 4070 leads by 21% at 1440p
DLSS and FSR2 Upscaling Support RTX 4070 Nvidia has more games with DLSS support
AI Workloads RTX 4070 RTX 4070 is substantially faster in AI projects
Price RTX 4070 RTX 4070 has a $599 MSRP, while RX 6950 XT is slightly more expensive
Features and Technology RTX 4070 Nvidia offers newer and better technologies
Drivers and Software Tie Both AMD and Nvidia provide regular driver updates
Power Consumption / Efficiency RTX 4070 RTX 4070 is significantly more power-efficient

Overall Winner: Nvidia RTX 4070

TDP and Power Efficeincy

Total Board Power (TBP): The Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 has a TBP of 200W. This lower figure means that it’s efficiently designed and power-friendly, thanks in large part to its state-of-the-art architecture and the skillful manufacturing of the Ada Lovelace GPU.

The AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, on the other hand, demands significantly more power, registering a TBP of 335W. Although higher, this allows the card to deliver a potent performance punch to compete with high-end rivals.

Power Efficiency: With its 200W TBP, the RTX 4070 stands out for its power efficiency, providing reliable gaming performance while using less power. This could mean less heat, so your PC may be quieter when you’re gaming hard.

Despite its TBP of 300W, the Radeon RX 6950 XT isn’t necessarily inefficient. It’s just that higher power consumption might lead to more heat during intense gaming sessions, due to the demands of AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture.

Don’t forget about your power supply, either. For PCs with a less powerful power supply unit (PSU), the lower power requirement of the RTX 4070 might be the best fit. With the Radeon RX 6950 XT, check that your PSU can handle the extra power, or think about upgrading. You can use our PSU calculator to measure exact TDP of your build.

Cards that use less power usually last longer because they don’t create as much heat, giving the RTX 4070 a potential leg up on the RX 6950 XT. 


Nvidia’s RTX 4070, priced at $529.99, shakes up the market with its incredible value for high-end gaming. In comparison, despite no official downward price adjustment, the RX 6950 XT from AMD hovers around the $$989.96 mark. In terms of availability and consistent pricing, the RTX 4070 has the advantage.

Nvidia's RTX 4070 vs. AMD's RX 6950 XT

Verdict: RTX 4070 vs RX 6950 XT

Taking all aspects into account, the Nvidia RTX 4070 clinches victory in this high-end GPU matchup. Displaying a perfect balance of performance, value, and power efficiency, it cements its place as the top choice for gaming enthusiasts. However, this does not diminish the RX 6950 XT’s qualities, especially in rasterisation performance.

While favoring the RTX 4070, it’s essential to evaluate your specific gaming needs, budget, and long-term cost of ownership. AMD fans may still eagerly anticipate the company’s new GPU releases, hoping for an even more compelling option in the future.

In the end, the RTX 4070, with its cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing, reigns supreme as the best choice in the $600 price range for now.

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