NVIDIA Unshackles Quadro Performance on Titan Class Graphics Cards – 3X Performance Gains

NVIDIA has released a driver update for their Titax XP and Titan X graphic cards based on the Pascal architecture that enormously improves their performance in pro workstation applications.

NVIDIA’s Latest Driver Bring Quadro Performance To Titans – Pascal Titan Xp and Titan X See Huge Performance Boost

The latest drivers 385.12 is helping NVIDIA to bring Quardo level performance and feature on their existing Titan series. The driver is specifically meant to improve the overall performance for creative professionals and pro workstations users. According to the company, new drivers are delivering 3x better performance in applications such as Maya which is a huge increase from performance level we saw it at the launch.

The supported graphic cards are new NVIDIA Titan series based on Pascal architecture. Only NVIDIA Titan XP was mentioned officially but it seems like even older NVIDIA Titan X which uses Pascal architecture yields better results with updated drivers.

These drivers are allowed for external GPU chassis support on Titan cards which is great to hear. Users who want portability can now enjoy even at the faster rate of graphics if they are owning external GPU chassis.

TITAN Xp is the most powerful GPU you can put in your PC, and now we’re enabling even better performance with our latest TITAN drivers.

We built TITAN Xp for people who design and create — and, of course, play games. And it’s always getting better.

Our latest driver — available today — delivers 3x more performance in applications like Maya to help you create and design faster than ever.

You can now also use TITAN Xp with more PCs, including thin & light laptops, than ever before, and with external GPU chassis from a wide range of manufacturers including Asus, HP, Powercolor, and Razer

And when you’re done if you want to rip through Battlefield 1 at 100 frames per second – no problem.

Best part: TITAN Xp is available worldwide. It’s available from Nvidia.com in United States, Europe, Australia, and Russia; from JD.com in China, PC Home in Taiwan, and from 11st in South Korea. via NVIDIA

The NVIDIA has taken direct aim to Vega on the blog site, they stated that after you’re done with professional work you can enjoy gaming in titles such as Battlefield 1 at 100 FPS without any problem.

We can see it is a direct response to AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition which ships in both pro and gaming mode with latter being quite lackluster.

NVIDIA 385.12 Driver Performance on Titan X Graphics Card

A user on NVIDIA subreddit has managed to compile performance numbers of the driver on NVIDIA Titan X against NVIDIA Titan Xp and AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. This GPU performance is compared to Specviewpref 12.1 which seems to be a most popular application to evaluate pro workstation graphic horsepower across a multitude of tests.

This performance gain are astonishing as we are looking at Quadro tier gains unshackled and ready to be harnessed by users.

The performance numbers show that the NVIDIA Titan X (new drivers) is faster than the NVIDIA Titan Xp (older drivers) and the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. The card launched last year and was replaced by the Titan Xp in 2017 but it shows that it can still perform much better than AMD’s latest Vega based offering.

NVIDIA 385.12 Driver Performance:

Benchmarks NVIDIA Titan X (382.05) NVIDIA Titan Xp NVIDIA Titan X (385.12) AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition
3dsmax 168.84 176.04 169.11 146.96
catia 102.06 102.06 175.81 128.51
creo 58.33 56.34 120.99 83.06
energy 12.89 13.39 19.91 18.77
maya 164.32 157.30 147.54 102.96
medical 54.62 62.78 83.39 87.01
showcase 153.91 167.86 141.56 113.88
snx 9.95 9 75.08 155.40
solidworks 52.01 61.84 101.42 106.75


NVIDIA Titan X (382.05) vs NVIDIA Titan X (385.12) Driver Gains:

  • Catia – 72% Increase
  • Creo – 107% Increase
  • Energy – 54% Increase
  • Medical – 53% Increase
  • SNX – 654% Increase
  • SolidWorks – 95% Increase

It is a very competitive move by NVIDIA to bring the level of performance on cards that costs just $1200 US compared to Quadro solution that ends up for much higher. The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Starts from $999 and goes up to $1500 for the liquid cooled variant.

Download Latest Drivers

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Users should note that Quadro cards will still carry a big advantage in certain apps as they have certified drivers made for them and will extend support in a variety of different pro workloads.

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