Nvidia will support ARM-based CPUs

Nvidia and ARM

Nvidia, along with chip designer ARM, is working on a technology that is designed to pay the way for more energy efficient supercomputers.

According to the reports, the graphics card manufacturer will provide access to its AI focused and high-performance software to the ARM ecosystem.

According to the CEO of the company, Nvidia will help in boosting the industry for the development of so called exascale computing.

These computing systems can perform billions of floating point operations per seconds.

As from the announcement, we should expect that the Nvidia will now support the various CPU architectures that are available in the market.

This is not for the first time that both the companies have been working together. Previously, the Tegra X1 chip of Nvidia that powers the Nintendo Switch containing the ARM CPU chip.

Through this move makes the chip manufacturer, ARM more competitive in the supercomputer market. X86-Based technologies have just dominated the high-performance computers market.

Last year, the HPE Astra Supercomputer was the sensation.  Therefore, from now the computer manufacturers do not have to worry because the ARM machines can now support Nvidia’s technology.

It is reported that Nvidia has been focusing on high-performance computing for numerous applications such as AI. The reason behind this focus is rapid decline rate of its GPUs’ demand for cryptocurrency mining.

Due to this contract, the company will be able to access the more efficient chip designs of ARM. The models of ARM have been used in mobile devices.

According to the CEO of Nvidia, in the future,  power will be a key limit, which the company support for ARM will assist to overcome.

Moreover, the vice president of accelerated computing of Nvidia has also stated that a new open architecture for supercomputing provided by the company.

This move can be termed as the entrance point of the company in the high-performance computing market.

The company has recently paid almost $6.9 billion to an Israeli chip manufacturer, Mellanox for server networking. This deal is the first of its kind in the history of Nvidia.


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