OPPO F19 Pro’s Hands-On Videography Features Enable Users to have Fun With Every Shoot

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OPPO, the leading smart device brand, is set to launch its latest edition to the F series – OPPO F19 Pro. The latest smartphone is expected to be equipped with AI Color Portrait video, enabling users to expand their creative horizons. OPPO F series has been a huge hit, and the latest editions of AI Color Portrait Video makes it stand out in a crowd.

Oppo F19 Pro inherited the F series’s consistent image quality, providing users with surprising shooting effects. Through users’ research, we found that users have needs for personalized expression. Therefore, the AI Color Portrait Video function that can make portraits stand out on your screen was born. In this series, the function is optimized for video portraits, allowing the phone to cover more aspects of user experience in terms of image.

In the development of the AI Color Portrait Video, the team worked closely for several months to solve a series of technical problems on refined portrait recognition, namely keying and will continue to follow up after the product goes to the market. For example, unsatisfying, keying effects usually appear in certain scenes; engineer’s debugged the algorithm through trial and error. When it comes to gesture recognition, they need to dig out the solution of improving edge definition. It may also be items in a person’s hand that will influence the effect of recognition. We need to train an AI model to recognize more complex portrait edges such as hand gestures and portrait attachments (water cups, etc.) to improve the keying’s accuracy and clarity.


OPPO F19 Pro’s Hands-On Videography Features Enable Users to have Fun With Every Shootkv2 (1)

Moreover, based on users’ actual needs and the balance of imaging effects, we specify the keying scene into portrait limited to one or two persons to make the keying of a close-up movie more accurate and personalized. The most distinctive feature is that while we support the colour retention of video portraits, we still support turning on the beauty effect so that users can use simple operations to take beautiful and personalized portrait effects.

Dual View Video allows users to capture moments from more than one perspective. It is a new feature that enables users to simultaneously record a video from both the rear camera and front-facing camera. Previews from both camera perspectives can be viewed on-screen at the same time. Both the environment and the user’s expression are recorded simultaneously to make shots come to life through the user’s expressions. Users can sing along with an idol during a concert and record both their performance and themselves at the same moment. The front-facing camera supports beautification, while the rear camera supports zooming. Dual-View Video is only available for ColorOS cameras.

OPPO products will continue to optimize portrait photography effects, such as handling the balance of highlights and colours in a portrait photo. It is also planned to introduce more interesting and high-quality shooting functions in OPPO F19 Pro on 21st March 2021. Stay tuned for more details. 


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