OPPO F21 Pro launched with Sony IMX709 sensor for the perfect selfie

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OPPO F21 Pro Launch

The OPPO F21 Pro, a highly anticipated smartphone from OPPO’s much-loved ‘F’ series, was officially unveiled on March 28. With its stunning design and flagship-level camera system, the Fantastic OPPO F21 Pro boasts the country’s first-ever Sony IMX709 ultra-sensitive selfie sensor, as well as the country’s first and only Microlens feature for an immersive photography experience. The Fantastic OPPO F21 Pro is available in two colours: black and gold. The phone is equipped with a durable fiber-glass leather back in an eye-catching Sunset Orange colour that is both functional and attractive. A wonderful realm is transported by the device’s exceptional flat-edged design, which has been thoughtfully crafted. The OPPO F21 Pro will be available for purchase starting on Saturday, April 16th, 2022, for PKR 52,999.

A new hero smartphone, the OPPO F21 Pro, was launched in Lahore on Monday night by OPPO, the self-proclaimed “Selfie Expert and Leader.” Ayesha Omar, a well-known television personality, served as the event’s host.

Capture Your Best Moments: The new OPPO F21 Pro comes with a Sony IMX709

There were socialites, celebrities, and bloggers in attendance at this glitzy event, which was attended by members of the media community. Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan, who have been appointed as OPPO’s brand ambassadors, unveiled the phone as early adopters of the OPPO F21 Pro, and they discussed how the phone complements their personalities and lifestyles, as well as how young people can embark on a joyful journey with this device.


According to Mr. George Long, President and CEO of OPPO Pakistan Authorized Exclusive Distributor, “OPPO is the Selfie expert and leader who has been consistently making waves in the smartphone industry with cutting-edge technology, innovative product features and visually appealing campaigns.” The new OPPO F21 Pro is a rising star in the smartphone world, with a broad appeal to a wide range of customers. This is an excellent phone for selfie enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts, but it does much more than that. Other than that, the phone is loaded with features that make it a powerful tool, and it is housed in a stylish, retro sunset fiber-glass leatherette design. In the past year, we’ve partnered with the country’s most beloved duo, ‘Mahira Khan and’ Fawad Khan, because we believe they’re the best fit for a product that matches their personalities like no other.”

The OPPO F21 Pro promises to reveal the previously unseen thanks to the world’s first and only Microlens, which magnifies subjects by 15 to 30 times depending on the situation. The final product goes beyond macro photography and delves into the world of microscopy and microanalysis. OPPO F21 Pro’s Microlens transforms fabrics, skin, hair, plants, and even the smallest insects into a new, vast form, allowing the user to explore a new, microscopic universe through photographs or even video footage. The Orbit Light that surrounds the Microlens camera also serves as a fill light, resulting in images that are evenly lit and visually appealing.

IMX709 Sensor: The Future of Front-Camera photography?

OPPO has a penchant for introducing smartphones with sophisticated camera technology, and the company has been successful in raising the bar when it comes to improving selfies. The IMX709 sensor, which was co-developed by OPPO and Sony, provides the front camera with both significantly improved and entirely new capabilities for the first time. It is equipped with the Sony IMX709 selfie sensor, which was developed specifically for the F21 Pro. When compared to traditional RGB sensors, the IMX709 is a tailored RGBW (red, blue, green, and white) front image sensor that can record images and videos that are clearer and more evenly exposed than traditional RGB sensors. When compared to the previous RGGB sensor, it is 60 percent more sensitive to light and reduces noise by 35 percent, respectively. With the Selfie HDR feature and the IMX709 sensor on the F21 Pro, you can take selfies that are sharper, brighter, and more natural in any lighting situation. Selfie HDR makes use of artificial intelligence to detect levels of light and automatically applies image enhancement techniques based on the type of conditions identified.

OPPO F21 Pro Features and Specifications

The OPPO F21 Pro is equipped with a triple rear camera arrangement for both photos and videos, allowing users to enjoy a completely new photography experience. It has a primary lens with a resolution of 64MP, a 2MP micro sensor, and a 2MP depth camera, in addition to a 2MP selfie camera. The device will come equipped with a 32-megapixel camera for taking selfies and making video calls. Its 64MP rear camera and super-resolution algorithm are capable of capturing images with up to 108MP resolution, which allows you to capture even more of life’s details in your photographs.

Bokeh Flare Portrait makes use of OPPO’s artificial intelligence algorithms to identify light sources in the background and create bokeh light spots based on their distance from the camera and other characteristics.Bokeh Flare Portrait enhances the bokeh effect of photos with high colour saturation by adding texture to the background and improving the skin tones.

With a 4500mAh battery, it has the ability to perform SUPERVOOC flash charging at a rate of 33W. A variety of connectivity options, such as WiFi 5, the USB Type-C connector, the 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth v5.1, and others, are included with the device.

There is a unique storage combination in the F21 Pro, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, as well as OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology, which allows for up to 5GB of additional RAM.

OPPO F21 Pro Software

The ColorOS 12 operating system, which emphasises diversity with an entirely new structure based on an internationalised approach, is being introduced for the first time on the OPPO F Series with the OPPO F21 Pro. To make more room on the screen, ColorOS 12’s page layouts and interactions have been redesigned to accommodate this. As a result, the user interface is straightforward and uncluttered, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

As part of the ColorOS 12 update, OPPO has looked into and changed the way text should be displayed in this new layout, making it compatible with 67 languages spoken in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide. ColorOS 12 now includes 3D icons, which were previously unavailable. It is more lifelike to interact with 3D Icons because they have a glass texture and intuitive interaction with simulated light. This gives the user a sense of space in the UI while keeping the buttons simple.


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