OPPO F21 Pro Launching with Unique Fiberglass Leather Design!

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OPPO F21 Pro

OPPO On April 11th, 2022, OPPO will unveil its most awaited smartphone, the OPPO F21 Pro. Unleash several “Pakistan first” technologies that elevate the smartphone experience. This new edition has the industry’s first integrated fiberglass leather design in an eye-catching sunset orange shade. Its unusual flat-edge design is eye-catching. The F21 Pro is the first phone to feature a fiberglass leather design and it is also the company’s most powerful mid-range device to date.

In order to improve and lead the CMF (Color, Material, and Finishes) technology, OPPO has created a great design for the new F21 Pro. The new OPPO F Series has a striking large camera arrangement, streamlined flat-edge design, brilliant Sunset Orange hue, and premium leatherette material. OPPO has also integrated colors into their palette this season and brought them out into technology.

OPPO’s F21 Pro is the First Smartphone with a Fiberglass Leather Design

OPPO has collaborated with brilliant young artists Noor-un-Nahar and Areeba Siddique to explore the seasonal color palette and a fusion of ideas. Al Khidmat-Foundation drew inspiration from the colorful ideas of the gifted children of Agosh Orphanage.


Using the theme “Fusion is Fantastic”, Agosh students learned how to combine colors, textures, and styles to create their own unique art pieces.

The artists and the orphanage children collaborated to create “The Fantastic Box”. OPPO created ‘The Fantastic Box’ to disseminate the message of peace and love by highlighting the actions of these young heroes in the heart-warming artwork.

In the spirit of Ramadan, OPPO wishes to spread artistic freedom and joy to more people. The organization believes in the power of kids and wants the world to see their talent. OPPO has always encouraged its customers to express themselves via love, art, and kindness.

OPPO continues to explore new technologies and aesthetics while building on the tradition of the legendary F series. Oppo F21 Pro launch will reaffirm commitment to art and technology.


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