OPPO Launches ColorOS 12 – Here’s What You Should Know

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Based on Android 12, Oppo’s ColorOS 12 introduces valuable features and customization options. ColorOS 12 provides a seamless experience closer to stock Android 12 with new UI, Smooth Performance, and rich features.

Oppo is present in 68 countries with over 440 million users worldwide, and ColorOS 12 is targeted for that particular audience. New OS provides a more inclusive experience and comes packed with softer icons, animations, and information frameworks that are friendly to different languages and cultures and an adaptable framework with varying phone formats.

Smoother, Seamless Experience Powering Greater Productivity

Giving users a smooth, seamless experience has been at the core of OPPO R&D and Innovation, and the new ColorOS 12 emphasizes both –comfort and endurance. Practical features such as PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop, and Phone Manager allow ColorOS 12 users to stay productive through multiple scenarios.

Prioritized Privacy: Cutting the gimmicks and focusing on the basics 

OPPO has been listening to its user feedback and prioritizing privacy on ColorOS. The ColorOS 12 not only comes packed with all the improved security and privacy features from Android 12, including Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing and Microphone, and Camera Indicators, which empowers users to be the masters of their privacy with clear, visualized menus and buttons; but also keeping the well-received features developed within the OPPO team, such as Private System, Private Safe, App Lock, and others.

An OS that’s open to the Android developers

OPPO’s ColorOS aims to become a more Android developer-friendly OS. In addition to the free camera SDKs covering OPPO’s most advantageous camera capabilities, including Ultra Steady Video Shooting, HDR, Super Wide-Angle, etc. OPPO has further opened its HyperBoost, Color Vision Enhancement to benefit Android app developers and enhance the Android ecosystem. 

ColorOS 12 Rollout Plan

ColorOS 12 is based on the Android 12 Beta Version and the following is the timeline for rollout on specific smartphones of Oppo.

ColorOS 12 Rollout

OPPO’s Exclusive Upgrade Policy 

For the very first time, OPPO is also announcing a significant update policy. Expressly, for the OPPO devices releasing from 2019 and onwards, the company will guarantee three major Android updates for its flagship Find X Series devices, and two Android updates for the Reno/F/K and some of the A-Series, and a single Android update for the low memory A-Series models. Together with four years of regular security patch updates for the Find X Series and three years for the Reno/ F / K/ A Series.

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