OPPO’s new ColorOS 12 wins four design awards

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The OPPO ColorOS 12 with OPPO SANS Fonts, the O Relax app, OMOJI, and the Two-Finger Split Screen function earned four design prizes at the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design Awards for 2022.

ColorOS 12 recognized for innovative design by Red Dot Award

OPPO SANS was created as a multilingual typeface that supports 11 different alphabets and 21 different countries. Each individual glyph and the entire font’s structure have been optimized for visual performance. Subtle optimization, such as shortening the distance between strokes, also helps the font’s overall shape become more condensed and refined. Such revisions provide technology a foothold in the market and improve its legibility across a wide range of screen formats.

The OPPO O Relax app is designed to help you unwind with soothing sounds of nature and urban environments. Its flagship feature, “Sounds of the City,” takes its cues from various urban areas and provides users with high-quality ambient sounds recorded in cities all around the world, such as Reykjavik, Beijing, and Tokyo. Users can enter a new, meditative world through their ears by providing a wide variety of sounds, from the bustle of a metropolis to the soothing sounds of the wind and rain.

With the high accuracy models of expression that are built upon 52 fundamental facial expressions coupled with 200+ aesthetic features, users can build unique emoji that fits their style with OMOJI from ColorOS 12.

ColorOS 12 modified the “Two-Finger Split Screen” capability so that users of OPPO’s first folding screen mobile phone, the Find N, would have an enhanced experience when taking advantage of the 7.1-inch huge screen on the device. With only a simple swipe with two fingers down the center of the foldable screen, the screen display may be instantaneously divided. This type of design is not only intuitively intuitive to users, but it is also simple and straightforward.

The Red Dot Design Award is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades that can be won in the field of professional design anywhere in the world. OPPO’s world-class design capabilities have been recognized by the winning of such prizes. Through the usage of ColorOS, OPPO will, in the years to come, continue to provide users with an experience that is both more condensed and more comfortable. OPPO has just lately announced the date of the worldwide online launch event for ColorOS 13, its most recent version of the company’s operating system. Because Android 13 will soon be released, it will be one of the primary OEM functional operating systems. Participate in the ColorOS Official Launch Event on August 18 at 7:00 PM GMT+8 by following the conversation on Twitter and YouTube.

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