Pakistani Top 10 Tech Entrepreneurs

Technology has made the life of people more comfortable and convenient. Technology has made it easier for knowledge to be shared. It has made communication and connectivity quicker. While technology has brought comfort to the Pakistani population, some individuals have used technology to their advantages. These Pakistani entrepreneurs have taken simple ideas and have transformed them into complete startup businesses. Below is a list of some of the most successful business and tech entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Top 10 Tech Entrepreneur

These entrepreneurs have shaped the tech industry of Pakistan through their innovative ideas for businesses.

Sidra Qasim – Markhor

10 Tech Entrepreneurs

Sidra Qasim is one of the few females in the tech industry who possess leadership skills. She runs the company “Markhor” through a digital media site. Sidra believes in empowering the local talents that the population of Pakistan is skilled in. She takes the efforts of the local merchants and craftsman to produce quality men’s products that are sold through Markhor. She believes that talented workers should not be exploited when rewarding them for their skills and therefore, she follows a policy of giving her workers their due payments. Currently, she runs her own company and is working to bring more awareness to the society about equal pay rights.

Monis Rahman – Rozee.PK

Pakistan Top Tech Entrepreneurs

Monis Rahman is probably the most appreciated businessmen in Pakistan for his effort in creating more employment opportunities for the population. Because of rising depression amongst the youth populations, Monis noticed that majority of the youngsters were not aware of the employment opportunities and as a result, the resentment grew. He developed an online platform where employers and employees could come together and find the right opportunities. Rozee is a successful venture that has helped the population to find the right jobs within a decade.

Jazib Zaman – WP Arena

Jazib Zaman

Jazib Zaman, being a passionate Theme Developer launched the successful project WPArena, which provides readers with in-depth knowledge about the world of WordPress. His efforts led to the site being enlisted as one of the most reliable and authentic sources for reviewing products. Currently, he is running the tech company by the name of TechAbout and is working on various projects to be launched successfully in Pakistan.

Jehan Ara – [email protected]

Jehan Ara

No discussion about the Pakistani tech industry can be started without mentioning the name of Jehan Ara. Madam Ara has shaped the tech culture of Pakistan in such ways that cannot be described in words. She has proven to the world that women are equally competitive in all the major fields, once they are given a chance. Apart from being the president of the software company Pasha, Madam Ara keeps herself involved in various projects from time to time. She has contributed immensely to the society of Pakistan by dedicating almost 3 decades of her life.

Zeeshan Ali Khan –

Zeeshan Ali Khan

Property is considered as the most common tool for investments in Pakistan. Zeeshan Ali Khan took this phenomenon and launched along with his brother. The business proved to be successful and caters to the needs of all people interested in real estate projects and products. is a successful website which brings together property dealers and investors to communicate and to learn more about the real value of property in Pakistan.

Aamir Attaa –

Pakistan Top Tech Entrepreneurs

Aamir Attaa is a visionary who has worked hard to achieve exactly what he has aspired for. His goal was to create a useful sight that would bring awareness amongst the population of Pakistan. He noticed that the Pakistani tech industry has been striving hard for some decades to prove itself. Thus, he created Pro Pakistan, which is a technology based information website that enlists all the information about the tech industry of Pakistan. The website is considered as the most reliable source for news and the latest happenings in the country.

Raza Saeed –

Pakistan Top Tech Entrepreneurs

Although the founder and initiator of the idea are well renowned Mr. Hanif Bhatti, Raza Saeed is the wheel turner of the automobile business. He runs and manages the website (and company) PakWheels, which brings together the buyers and sellers for all types of automobiles in Pakistan. Raza has made the company successful, and because of his efforts, the site has achieved the status of being the most credible sources for vehicles.

Maria Umar – Woman’s Digital League

Maria Umar

Maria Umar is one of the most respected and recognized individuals in the Pakistani digital media and tech industries. She has established the foundations of making the society productive and efficient through guidance and proper channels. She founded WDL as a particular digital website to reach out to the women of Pakistan. Her main aim behind the venture was to encourage and promote education in the Pakistani society for females. Maria’s organization focuses on collaborating with educational institutes and corporate sectors to create more employment opportunities for women of Pakistan.

Kalsoom Lakhani – Invest2Innovate

Pakistan Top Tech Entrepreneurs

Kalsoom Lakhani is an experienced professional whose idea has merged the fields of business, investment & financing with technology as well. She founded the center for entrepreneurship and investment by the name of Invest2Innovate in Pakistan. Kalsoom is a successful entrepreneur who aims to guide the young minds about launching their businesses successfully.

Salim Ghauri – NetSol

Salim Ghauri

Salim Ghauri is considered as the pioneer of launching the earliest software and technological projects in Pakistan. He is regarded as the most inspiring names in the tech industry. He took courage to set up a software house in Pakistan when there was little scope for such businesses. However, his consistency and charismatic approach earned him a position amongst the giants of the tech world. His company, NetSolTechnologies, is ranked as the leading technology houses in the nation.

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