These are the 4 Pakistanis who made it to Forbes “30 Under 30 2017”

Forbes 30 Under 30
Forbes 30 Under 30

Pakistan has made international news for all the right reasons as 4 Pakistanis cut Forbes’ list of ’30 under 30’. 600 young enthusiasts who are changing the world in their respective industries were categorized by the global media company.

Following Pakistanis or individuals with roots from Pakistan were recognized for their efforts as they continue to reinvent the world.

S Zayd Enam

Zayd, at the age of 25, is the CEO of Cresta, a startup that focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer services. He is the founder of two startups, and MediConnect.


He was enrolled at Stanford in Ph.D. when he decided to drop out and launch Cresta. Zayd also dropped out of high school in Pakistan and founded MediConnect, a startup that provides healthcare services. He is included in “Enterprise Technology” category.



Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed is the founder of Warp+Weft, and her venture has already gathered $2.5 million in revenues since its launch. Sarah uses her family’s mills in Pakistan to manufacture her company’s products.

“I’ve grown up watching my family create products with it [denim] from our production mills in Pakistan.”

She was the director of DL 1961 when she decided to go to her own company. Sarah realized the need for size inclusivity as her firm guarantees to give you a perfect fit.

She made it to Forbes’ “Retail and E-commerce industry” category.


Raza Munir

Raza Munir, co-founder of Climb Credit, made it to the 30 under 30 in the Education category.

Climb Credit provides affordable loans to students and provides them with suitable career paths based on their skills. The startup is in agreements with investors to acquire $130 million in student loans.

The company has already provided loans to over 5000 students.


Khizar Hayat

Like Zayd Enam, Khizar Hayat was recognized for his efforts in “Enterprise Technology” category.

Khizar is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ThroughPut Inc. His company identifies the factors that impede the growth of logistics and supply chain operations.

The company further recommends a solution to these problems. Khizar is also the president of an NGO, Teach Pakistan Initiative that focuses on the education system of rural areas in Pakistan.