Patent War Between Samsung and Apple

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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The patent legal war between Samsung and Apple continues in 2018. Meanwhile today, according to the reports in San Jose U.S Court, jury decided that Samsung has to pay a total of $539 million to Apple for violating five of Apple’s patent related to its iPhone.

The Report said large amount of money was for the violation of three design patent that were held by Apple, while remaining amount going to pay off violations of two utility patents. The report also said that, Samsung has not made any decision to appeal the jury’s decision but tried to argue.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in 2011, claiming Samsung had infringed on many of its iPhone patents which is used in Samsung’s earliest Galaxy smartphones, this is how this battle has started. This is just the latest episode of the battle between the two biggest smartphone makers over this issue. In 2012, a jury decided that Samsung must pay $930 million to Apple, but in 2015, the U.S court of Appeals cut Samsung’s penalty down to $548 million.


While back in December 2015 Samsung did indeed pay that amount to Apple, then decided to make another appeal in the case directly to the U.S. Supreme Court. Court decided that Samsung didn’t have to pay $399 million to Apple. Court sent the case back down to the lower courts to decide which specific patents should be considered, who should be treated as guilty, along with a new penalty.

According to the reports during this trail, Samsung tried to argue that it only needed to pay $28 million for the three design patent violations and agreed to pay apple its desired amount $5.3 million penalty for infringing the two utility patents. Apple argued that the penalty should be huge, should be $1.07 billion. In the case, jury decided to cut Apple’s requested amount by half.


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