Phison to Debut Prototype SSD Surpassing Current Gen 5 Speeds at CES 2024

by Adeel Younas
Phison at CES 2024

Phison to reveals USB 4, new PCIe Gen 5 SSD prototype in CES 2024. These products include a cutting-edge USB 4 controller, two sophisticated M.2 SSD controllers, and a trailblazing prototype Gen 5 SSD. While we’re talking about it its worth noting most of best performing SSDs in our SSD Tier List are using Phison controllers.

Latest M.2 SSD Controllers

The PS5031-E31T is a PCIe Gen 5 controller constructed on a 7nm process. It delivers robust performance, supporting maximum sequential read and write speeds of 10,800 MB/s.

Additionally, it handles random read-write actions with speeds reaching up to 1,500,000 IOPS. Equipped with an ARM Cortex R5 CPU, this controller boasts notable features such as AES 256 encryption.

Controller Process Sequential Read/Write (MB/s) Random Read/Write (IOPS) Features
PS5031-E31T 7nm 10,800 / 10,800 1,500,000 4-channel, AES 256 encryption, etc.

Crafted for smaller 2230 form factor devices like the Steam Deck, the PS5027-E27T operates on a cost-effective 12nm process.

Despite its budget-friendly nature, it maintains impressive performance, offering speeds of 7,400MB/s for reads and 6,700MB/s for writes. Parallel IOPS for both reads and writes reach a commendable 1,200,000. Phison in CES 2023 Unveiled Gen5 E26 SSD controller that become integral part of SSDs in 2023.

Prototype Gen5 SSD

Phison teases the PS5026-E26 Max14um Gen5 SSD, boasting an upwards of 14GB/s transfer rate, which is a stride ahead even when compared to the fastest consumer Gen 5 SSDs available today.


This device combines Phison’s acclaimed E26 controller with state-of-the-art 2400MT/s memory chips, facilitated by an advanced copper cooling system featuring Frore Systems AirJet Minis.

The availability of the 2400MT/s memory chips could soon manifest drives reaching speeds up to 14GB/s.

New USB 4 Controller


Phison is also set to unveil the PS2251-21 (U21), the world’s initial USB 4 single-chip solution for portable devices. With an operational speed ceiling of 4GB/s, this controller signals a new horizon for quick and efficient data transfer in various tech appliances.

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