Picture-in-Picture mode launched in YouTube on iOS

by Ijlala Maqbool

You can view and interact with other items on the smartphone screen while watching the video in a small scaled-down window that can be dragged across the screen. This feature has been available on Android phones for a long time, but a huge number of iPhone YouTube users are still waiting for it. On iOS, picture-in-picture has been in the works for a time, and YouTube premium users may turn it on in the app’s experimental settings. When you use YouTube picture-in-picture mode on your iPhone, the videos you’re watching may open in a mini-player as you continue to use other apps. The movie will be paused if you lock the device, but you may continue it by tapping the control menu on the right.

PiP is now available to iPhone and iPad YouTube TV customers in the United States. The software version on your device must be iOS 15 or higher to be eligible. Also, according to The Verge, Google spokesperson Allison Toh has stated that the firm is “still testing picture-in-picture on iOS with Premium members and expect to make it available to all iOS users (Premium and non-Premium) in the US in the coming months.”

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