Possible reasons that make your smartphone slow

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Possible reasons that make your smartphone slow

Users usually complain more about phone Lag.

There are a number of reasons that make your smartphone and some of them are fixable or preventable with the right knowledge.

Here are some:

Background apps

Applications running in the background is the main reason for slow phones. Some applications require background resources, refreshing their data, connecting to the internet, or monitoring some part of the system.

Smartphones usually have limited resources like RAM and CPU and these resources have to be split among all the background on the priority basis which causes lots of processing which makes your phone slow.

With Android P you can limit background execution, on the other flavors you can simply:

  • Remove Old unused app
  • Use Storage cleanup tools that can automatically delete apps you haven’t used in a long time.

If you want to check services running on your phone just go to:

Settings > About phone >Build Number tap seven times to enable developer option.

In the developer options tap on Running Services.

Alternatively, you can install an app like Greenify to see how these services affect your resources and battery life.

Full storage And Battery age

Internal Storage memory slow down as you fill them up.

This can come about from a backlog of apps, years of undeleted photos and videos, and app cache files that get out of hand.

Android usually display a notification once you are running out of memory, and suggesting you to clear out unused media and app files.

Clear them using built-in storage cleaner or remove files manually.

Fragmentation is another reason which makes your phone slow, is occurs due to failed memory areas that result from age and approaching the drive’s read and write cycle limit.

Usually, large drive have fragments, factory reset to wipe it clean will solve the problem but if you want your data  use Cloud storage for large files.

Memory capacity degrades over time and increases the number of writing errors as times goes on which causes bad performance.

The lifespan of the memory will depend on how much data you save, you should easily see between two and three years of use.

Old batteries – another reason, causes an increase in internal resistance within the battery from electrode film build-up.

Internal resistance has a direct effect on performance.

Higher resistance causes the output voltage to fall during a high current draw (Voltage drop) which result in wasted energy which is then dissipated as heat, causing the battery and other phone internals to warm-up results in bad performance.

Sometimes a failing battery can cause enough power issues throughout the system that a phone will reboot, the only solution is to replace the battery with a new one.


Another common minor reason is OS, as well as the applications that run on them, become more resource heavy as they are continually updated, to benefit from the latest and greatest hardware.

Some applications become more demanding over the time as more features are added. However, most consume tens or low hundreds of MB’s of RAM, rather than GB’s.

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