PTA Starts Formulating Framework for Testing of 5G in Pakistan


It is reported that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is in the process of establishing a structure for development and testing of latest technologies.

The new technology will include the identification of spectrum bands for 5G. In this project, the authority is also interested in the constitution of a multilateral stakeholder working group.

The Pakistan Telecommunication  Authority (PTA) has posted a document about its project of 5G testing. According to the document.

Next Generation Mobile Services (3G/4G) have become so popular in the country. Just like previous four years, through consistent policy initiative, we have ensured the availability of necessary frequency spectrum to the mobile broadband market.

The Telecom Policy 2015 has provided measures for providing conductive testing and development environment for forthcoming and future technologies and it also provides measures for the initial commercial enactment of technology as well. ‘

This policy will also help them in staying at top of technology and in enabling state of the art service for Pakistani consumers.

Therefore, it is necessary that we should remain proactive in ensuring market readiness for the addition of latest mobile communication like 5G.

It is expected that 5G will allow new and innovative data rates and limits. For sure, it will also improve the experience of services/applications that are currently available in the market.

The main reason behind this project is to keep up with further growth in the field along with the adoption of new technologies as well.

It is very important to specify the regulatory environment using policy for testing, benchmarking and deployment of 5G technologies.

Therefore, the Federal Government has already posted Policy Directives of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

This is why PTA has been in process of developing a Framework for development and testing of new technologies including identification of spectrum bands for 5G along with the constitution of a multilateral stakeholder working group.