PTCL Internet Packages 2019 – 4Mb, 8Mb, 15Mb, 25Mb and 100Mb

PTCL Internet Packages
PTCL Internet Packages

PTCL is a well-known name in Pakistan and it is the first Telecom company that is providing Broadband Internet Packages to Pakistani consumers. PTCL market share is high as compare to other web services providing enterprises that are the primary reason 1.7 million broadband users are using PTCL packages services including normal users, students, and corporate users.  In this post, I will be covering PTCL Internet Packages and broadband offers which are available.

The PTCL has improved its services in past few since Etisalat acquires it. SmartChoice has rated 3/5 stars, and this score has been growing. PTCL launch services like EVO CharJi and CharJi LTE Tab along with 100Mb high-speed internet for its users.

PTCL Internet Packages

The PTCL Internet Packages are mention below with all details including charges, bandwidth and billing duration.

4Mbps Package Rs 1700 4Mbps 1 Month
8Mbps Package Rs 2150 8Mbps 1 Month
15Mbps Package Rs 2650 15Mbps 1 Month
25Mbps Package Rs 3200 25Mbps 1 Month
50Mbps Package Rs 5000 50Mbps 1 Month
100Mbps Package Rs 7500 100Mbps 1 Month

PTCL Broadband Packages Unlimited with High-Speed Internet

PTCL has been providing better services for faster internet to Pakistani nation and there are several factors which are not fulfilled yet. However, let’s move to PTCL Unlimited Internet Packages and PTCL internet packages monthly get the details you are looking for.

Broadband Packages Monthly Charges Data Volume Total Bill
6 Mbps Rs. 2,100 Unlimited Rs. 2,800
10 Mbps Rs. 2,499 Unlimited Rs. 3,360
15 Mbps Rs. 2,650 Unlimited Rs. 3,550
20 Mbps Rs. 2,999 Unlimited Rs. 6,923
50 Mbps Rs. 6,000 Unlimited Rs. 8,300
100 Mbps Rs. 6,500 Unlimited Rs. 8,499

All these packages – if availed – come with unlimited on-net calls and Smart TV services for free. One time installation charges of Rs. 15,000 are applicable.

50 Mbps package appears to be the best value and most suitable for various medium to large-sized businesses. Home users, on other hands, will be contented with 10 Mbps at most.

PTCL for Gamers

PTCL has introduced “Fast Path” a ping improving service to enhance the gaming experience on its network. I still have to test the performance so can’t confirm if it works well or not. However, you can try it on your own.

PTCL Broadband  Packages – Corporate

This package designed for customers who require uninterrupted access and unlimited uploads downloads that involve video conferences, multimedia usage or live updates of applications, etc.

Package Speed Monthly Charges
Business – 256 256 Kbps 11,999
Business – 384 384 Kbps 15,499
Business – 512 512 Kbps 19,499
Business – 768 768 Kbps 24,499
Business – 1024 1024 Kbps 32,999
Business – 1536 1536 Kbps 45,999
Business – 2048 2048 Kbps 56,299

One-Time Charges

  • Installation & Line Charges – Rs 750/-
  • Monthly Advance Charges – As per monthly package
  • Security Deposit equal to one-month accusations (Refundable) – As per monthly package

PTCL Special Offers

4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle

4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle includes a 4 Mbps internet connection, Freedom Unlimited Package and PTCL Smart TV for a price of PKR 2,250 only. Freedom Unlimited Package gives you unlimited landline minutes and 100 Ufone minutes.

Broadband Static IP

Broadband Static IP offer lets you opt for static IP on any of the Internet as mentioned above packages for just rupees 300 per month. Activation charges of PKR 500 applied.

How to subscribe?

You can subscribe to any of the PTCL internet packages by calling the PTCL toll free number 0800 8 0800.