Raspberry Pi is merging with a coding foundation

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Raspberry PI’s credit sized computers can be helped to start coding with a violent change of government. Has a good feeling to their low price, major companies like Google and VMWare are also distributed thousand of DIY boards for all the children’s in the world and hope that it will encourage the computer scientist of the next generation.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation works regularly with the educational co-workers to get its knowledge processing machine in the right hands and its latest something said in a public is to push up that stretching out even more.

Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to confirm that it can be joined with CoderDojo to form and assume that it will be the larger code-promoting organization in the world.


CoderDojo, if you are not having a knowledge of, is a Dublin-Based organization that gives one’s mind to an idea on getting young people coding.

It can help to the work of art of volunteer-run programming clubs for the youngster aged between 7 to 17. The organization also tells that there are more than 1,250 CoderDojos in 69 countries, that can help more than 35,000 children’s and teenagers.

Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upton tells that the organization will move for the launching of most important products and also focus on the software. Today’s statement suggests that dream is becoming a reality.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation:

“Raspberry Pi will work closely with CoderDojo to advance our shared goals, pooling our resources and expertise to get more adult volunteers and young people involved in the movement, Our combined scale will allow us to invest more in the infrastructure and systems that underpin our work, and to offer a wider range of products and services to our communities.”


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