Realme 9 Pro+: Sony IMX766 Sensor Sets It Apart from the Competition

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Having the correct tools is essential to mastering any trade. In photography, your artistic sensibility can only carry you so far if your equipment lacks the necessary qualities. The issue that often hinders folks with a passion for photography is the high cost of advanced cameras and supporting equipment. realme takes pride in being a brand for the people and works hard to make cutting-edge technology more accessible to those who wish to utilize it. The realme 9 Pro+ is realme’s budget-friendly answer. With the realme 9 Pro+, you get a superior camera and a high-performance smartphone with a stylish design.

The realme 9 Pro+ has realme’s own ProLight Technology, the new Street Photography 2.0 mode, and the enhanced processing capabilities of the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset. To demonstrate the camera module’s remarkable capabilities, realme worked with four local photographers who used the new smartphone for their own photography. As part of the #CaptureRamadanSpark campaign, local photographers were assigned a region inside Pakistan to photograph the culture, Ramadan traditions, and people. Kamran on Bike, Adeel on Wheels, Hamza Ibrahim, and Ilyaas Buksh were picked to take on this task.

Kamran on Bike – South Punjab (@kamranonbike)

Kamran Ali (Kamran on Bike) is a biker and photographer from Layyah, Punjab. Born and bred in Pakistan, he completed his PhD in Computer Science in Nuremburg, Germany. Kamran has been cycling since he was a child, embarking on his first tour at the age of 13. Kamran has traveled to 43 countries on four continents in his career. He is also the only Pakistani to have cycled the length of North and South America. Kamran was challenged to explore historical South Punjab for the #CaptureRamadanSpark campaign. South Punjab is noted for its culture and history, with sites like Hakra-Indus Civilizations and Harappan sites, as well as a vast array of literature, music, and dance.


Adeel on Wheels – Gilgit Baltistan (@adeelamer)

An adventurer and photographer, Adeel Amer is a Lahore-based real estate consultant. He travels the country, finding and discovering hidden jewels that others wouldn’t dare to reach. Adeel was challenged to explore the magnificent landscapes and different perspectives available in Gilgit-Baltistan for the #CaptureRamadanSpark campaign. The Hindu Kush, Himalayas, and Karakoram mountain ranges are three of the world’s highest, located in Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan. Other natural attractions in the area include enormous glaciers and gorgeous landscapes.

Realme 9 Pro+: Sony IMX766 Sensor Sets It Apart from the Competition[Adeel on Wheels Image 02] (FV)-min

Hamza Ibrahim – Sindh (@hamzaibrahimmm)

Karachi-based Pakistani photographer, musician, and model Hamza Ibrahim. His street photography has an edgy, young vibe. For the #CaptureRamadanSpark campaign, Hamza had to go across Sindh. Sindh is surrounded by the Thar Desert on the east, the Kirthar Mountains on the west, and the Arabian Sea on the south. Sindh’s landscape is so immensely varied.

Realme 9 Pro+: Sony IMX766 Sensor Sets It Apart from the Competition[Hamza Ibrahim Image 01] (FV)-min

Ilyaas Buksh (@ilyaasallahbuksh)

Ilyaas Buksh is a talented photographer from Pasni in Balochistan. He is renowned for his ability to capture the human experience and its emotions. He has previously participated in photo walks in Balochistan, including Gwadar and Meeri Turbat. For the #CaptureRamadanSpark campaign, Ilyaas was challenged to go through Balochistan and photograph its unique, historic character. Balochistan has the amazing Makran Coast and many more natural treasures that fascinate photographers and painters.

Realme 9 Pro+: Sony IMX766 Sensor Sets It Apart from the Competition[Ilyaas Image 02] (FV)-min

Realme 9 Pro+ Camera

The realme 9 Pro+ camera module was designed to shoot images in low-light conditions as well as in bright ones. ProLight technology is a combination of hardware and software that enhances the end product. This features the primary camera’s 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor, AI Noise Reduction Engine 3.0, OIS, and EIS (EIS). These three camera-related improvements were expected in high-end handsets until realme decided to disrupt the existing quo as it does so well.

These optimizations all serve a purpose. The Sony IMX766 sensor measures 1/1.56 inches. The larger the sensor, the more light it can catch. The Sony IMX766 sensor takes in 63.8 percent more light than previous Sony cameras and 45 percent more light than the iPhone 13. The Sony IMX766 sensor captures more detail in the final image due to its enormous 50MP sensor capacity. In addition, the realme 9 Pro+’s MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G CPU allows for up to 35% greater detail capture than prior models.

The realme 9 Pro+ is ideal for photographers. It has a 90Hz Super AMOLED display, 60W SuperDart Charge, 4500mAh battery, and an iconic Light-Shift design. The incoming handset is a great deal for techies. Unleash your creativity with the realme 9 Pro+’s extensive toolkit. Pre-order the realme 9 Pro+ from Monday, April 18 until Sunday, April 24, 2022 for PKR 69,999. Pre-order now and get a free realme Power Bank 2i.


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