Realme GT 2 Series Teased To Feature Supersized VC Liquid Cooling Area

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Realme GT 2 series teased a new ‘Diamond Ice Core Cooling Plus’ technology and a supersized vapor chamber (VC) liquid cooling area to enhance thermal management. The new smartphones will also arrive with a preloaded feature called GT mode 3.0 that is expected to boost usability. Next week, the Realme GT 2 series will debut with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. Previous teasers approved 120Hz shows and triple rear cameras on the forthcoming phones.

As updates are posted on Weibo, the Realme GT 2 series will have a great heat dissipation area of 36,761 square millimeters, along with the earmarked VC liquid cooling area of 4,129 square millimeters. This setup is a part of the proprietary ‘Diamond Ice Core Cooling Plus’ technology that is claimed to help provide improved thermal management.

Realme familiarized the GT Neo 2 with the ‘Diamond Ice Core Cooling’ technology at the start of this year. The Realme GT 2 series will improve that existing technology to provide much better results.

Realme has also revealed another teaser that presents the GT mode 3.0. This is going to be an upgrade over the GT mode 2.0 available on the GT Neo 2 and is claimed to help bring a more immersive experience by offering maximum GPU performance.

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