realme GT Neo 3: The World’s Fastest Charging Phone?

by Sarah Forst
realme GT Neo 3: The World's Fastest Charging Phone? Image Name

For the first time, realme was the center of attention at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2022, releasing information about their lineup for next year. Aside from the announcement of the realme GT 2 Pro, the main reporting event is the new UltraDart Charging Architecture technology of realme.

See How realme’s GT Neo 3 Can Charge Your Device in No Time

realme has been known for the spirit of “Dare to Leap,” emphasizing taking that leap in technology others are reluctant to take. The first of its mobile phones heading toward this technology is the realme GT Neo 3, which includes a world-record 150W UltraDart Charge.

With its UltraDart Charging Architecture ability, the realme GT Neo 3 can charge from 0% to 100% in a fantastic time of five minutes.

realme has long understood that one of the significant barriers for homeowners with smartphones is charging. As a result, it has devoted its resources to developing technologies in this area. Advances in fast charging have significantly impacted service provision and smartphone usage patterns over time.

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In the past, realme smartphones typically featured either the Dart Charge or SuperDart Charge capabilities, which provided up to 65 watts of electrical power supply. These smartphones charged fully in as little as 35 minutes.

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However, realme has been dissatisfied with these developments and has committed to providing the public with the fastest and most streamlined charging experience possible to provide you with a level upgrade. 2020 has been a landmark year in this regard, as realme has presented its 150W QC 7.0 technology that can make your phone 50% charged in just five minutes.

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