Realme’s new trendy light shift design debuts on Paris Fashion Week runway

by Farhan Yousaf

realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone start-up, arrived at Paris Fashion Week today, showcasing its realme 9 Pro collection and co-created phone bag at its Paris shows.

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realme is unlike other smartphone brands in that its core value is “Dare to Leap,” which is present in not only its products but in its design and the company’s interaction with users. The brand’s newest addition to its hero smartphone lineup was created for the realme 9 Pro Series.

The realme 9 Pro+, as one of realme’s first products of the new year, is dedicated to providing a technological leap. The realme 9 Pro+ is loaded with exciting features, including the first Sony IMX766 OIS camera in its segment, dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, mind-blowing Light Shift Design, Ultra Smooth Display with high refresh rate, and the powerful DimensityTM 920 5

Fashion meets Technology

When technology meets clothing, a perfect collaboration is born. The Copenhagen-based fashion brand HELIOT EMIL is dedicated to innovative design and high-tech processes. Combining form and function in all their items, HELIOT EMIL harmoniously matches well with the design philosophy of realme design studio.

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The “Light Shift Design” design exhibited by realme 9 Pro Series inspired HELIOT EMIL and the realme studio to design an exclusive chest strap bag available on the market. Based on their collaboration, HELIOT EMIL presented the bag and design on the official runway of PARIS Fashion Week 2022.

A trendy and stylish Smartphone Chest Strap Bag for Stylish Light Shift LifeLine design.

The realme 9 Pro Series and co-created smartphone bag have lens protection, easy street snap action, and allow users to pull out the cellphone easily. The bag’s design makes it easy to show off the smartphone’s light shift design. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, the back of the phone changes colors from blue to red, mimicking the color-changing process of sunrise.

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Many brands are using the “starlight” trend, which has become a popular fixture in nearly all of their brands. For example, Coca-Cola’s Starlight soda brand, Louis Vuitton accessories, Maison Margiela, and Island Stone featured a similar twinkling star effect in their design.

A surefire technology brand name that keeps setting the barometer for trends

realme has gained experience in the realm of design since its inception. In early 2020, realme constructed its Design Studio. In this respect, realme Design Studio is an independent realme design team with a background in organic visual and industrial design for realme. As the first mobile design studio in the industry, planete Design Studio has a history of contributing world-class talents. Its past collaborators include Eddie Opara, Chief Designer at Pentagram, Naoto Fukasawa, one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary industrial designers; and Jose Levy, a design collaborator for Hermès.

This time, HELIOT EMIL founders are the guests at the Farfetched Design Week, aiming to make waves in the design world by uniting technology and fashion under one roof. The Light Shift Design at realme 9 Pro Series will be a trendsetter of smartphone design.

As a youth-oriented brand that started with products designed for its youth, realme is not just unveiling cutting-edge products but also creating a culture of its own based on those products and their effects. Besides having top-notch quality products and a great design, realme has also hailed numerous original music, contemporary fashion designs, and cutting-edge industrial design. Rarefying youth culture and merging into the tech industry, realme is creating its unique image and invoking the same faith in young audience members – dare to push past yourself and go beyond the realm of possibilities.

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