Realme X7 Max tips, tricks and features

by Wajeeha Qureshi
realme x7 max

Aside from the new hardware tech like 5G support,120 Hz AMOLED screen, 50W Super Dart fast charging and countless other things, Realme X7 max gets loaded with realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 on its way to the market. This realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 escorts many life-saving features for the realme flagship phone of 2021.

Realme X7 Tips, Tricks and features are here

1. Snapshot Gesture:

Still, sticking to the old ways? Are you sure you’re not tired of the ancient miserable way of saving snaps? Well, you must be!!! While most folks moved on, some were pretty adamant not to shove away the usual power and volume button combination. These were the ones who never cared to step upon the Motion and Gesture section within settings.

What it’s all about?

Folks, it’s 2021, and it’s the moment to get rid of that creepy snap combination for long. Just holding onto the heirship of its forerunner and nothing more, Realme X7 brings to light something that has been unveiled for years. Enough with this mockery; it’s the three-finger snap feature we’ve been discussing of!!!

The way of doing the easiest thing on earth!!!

I’m quite sure no one needs to hold your hand while you swipe those little fingers down on that screen of yours!!!

The Path to shut ON or OFF

Track down through Settings -> Convenience Tools -> Gestures & Motions -> 3-Finger Screenshot -> Enable Slider

Either embrace that coloured slider or just hang in the air with that ancient screenshot combination!!!

2. Partial Screenshots:

Dreaming of something less ancient, Realme X7, doesn’t let your hope get down!!! Introducing partial screenshots takes up the tradition of saving users the hassle of heading to the gallery for cropping images each time.

The way to do it!!!

A step towards least complexity, hold the three fingers on the screen for a second and then swipe down.

3. Display RAM Information

Packing a bulky set of 12 GB RAM, realme proves to be a flagship phone by boosting gaming and multitasking chores. Still not positive if there’s enough free RAM, breathe into the Recent Apps menu and check for yourself.

How To Enable

Just head over to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks-> enable the slider.

4. Google Assistant Launch Key

Not much to say, but you still can’t miss the conventional Google assistant Launch function. It should not mention it’s been a part of all flagship phones of all sorts of mobile companies from around 2014.

How To

Just like old times, hold down the power button for 0.5 sec, and your lovely Google assistant will take over things from there!!! And the good thing; no matter which screen you’re on, Google Assistant will pop out of nowhere.

5. Real-Time Network Speed Tracker

Whether it’s downloading files, streaming videos, or just scrolling the web, real-time internet speed is the most crucial thing to keep one calm during the bad weather of creepy WIFI or tardy Mobile Data.

In this online era, hanging a time clock in front of you is quite as crucial as is the need for a real-time internet-speed tracker. Considering this modern era, what would be a better place for it than beside the time icon on the top status bar!!!

The right way to tweak

Head to Settings -> Notifications & Status Bar -> Real-Time Network Speed -> Enable slider

6. Finger Print Scanner Lock

Security’s sure a blessing as long as it remains user friendly. The day it encumbers the user, the burden is taken care of. The same said for mobile encryption and security, and Fingerprint has prevailed over passwords, patterns, face recognition and other such measures and has truly proven to be a real blessing.

With a fingerprint scanner hiding under the screen, locking mobile or installed apps individually don’t seem to require any useless attention.

7. Real-Time Screen Recording 

Possessing a flagship processor, Realme X7 max bears out to be a real conqueror when it comes to gameplay streaming, video, onscreen, and chat recordings.


Notification Panel -> Start Screen Recording -> tap Record button on floating window -> tap stop button when time comes

8. OTG Connections

Extending beyond the limitations of Android devices, OTG connections have opened a portal for limitless possibilities. Whether it comes down to an external storage drive, external sound card, mouse, keyboard, gaming controller or anything having a USB port; realme X7 has got your back.

How To Mount OTG Connections

Settings -> Additional Settings -> OTG Connection -> Enable slider

That’s all for the features of this handset. It’s time to hit the stores!!!

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