Realme’s answer to the Macbook Air is thinner, lighter, and more affordable

by Sahrish Kanwal
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realme will, in addition to the realme GT2 Explorer Master, be announcing their realme Notebook Air during the launch event that will take place on July 12. Let’s get more information about the forthcoming Notebook Air from realme.

Aside from the product’s design, the company hasn’t released much information about it. The laptop’s exterior bezel will be very tiny, measuring only 4.9 millimeters.

Realme's answer to the Macbook Air is thinner, lighter, and more affordablerealme-notebook-air-new

In the announcement article, realme compared the new laptop air to the Macbook Air M1 – demonstrating how thin the product’s bezels will seem on their Notebook air.


Realme’s upcoming laptop will be called the Realme Notebook Air in China. The company’s choice not to label its newest computer the “Realme Book” is still unknown. It’s likely that this next model will be part of a new series or that the company has decided to convert from the prior branding name to the new one.

According to the media organization Whylab, the notebook will be available in various colors, including Star Gray and Sea Salt Blue. The latter color option will feature a checkered pattern on the device’s top, similar to that on the Realme Pad X’s Bright Chessboard green color option.

Source: Weibo


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