Review: UDI U841-1 QuadCopter Features and Price

by Adeel Younas
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Quadcopter Review

The UDI U841 is a micro quadcopter that has a diagonal rotor size of 100mm and comes with a few unique features that sets it apart from other quads in the same class. At first glance, the 6-axis U841 appears to be another Hubsan X4 clone as it seems to have roughly the same propeller size, motor and dimensions. But upon closer examination you’ll notice that the motors are slightly larger than your average X4 and when you throttle it up, it becomes apparent that this is no X4 clone by any means.

Quadcopter is palm sized.It is very portable.Frame of this quadcopter is exceptionally well.It quality is superb.It is hard and stiff.I have crashed this quadcopter many time but didn’t have any single crack on its body so its 10 out of 10 there.I can say quality is very good.Props are soft and very nice designed and they flies smoothly.Transmitter design is like a controller of Playstation or Xbox.Quality of plastic used in the transmitter is also very good its good and responsive.

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First thing this quadcopter is camera quadcopter.It includes a builtin camera of 2MPx and makes 720p video.You can record video and also can take photos as well.There are button on the transmitter from which you can start video stop video and can make photos.I used its camera it gives very sharp image and color saturation and contrast is also good but its not wide angle lens so thats only issue.


Now you will think where the photos and videos will be saved.You will get 4GB Memory card and SD card for free in the box.SD card is putted in the quad-copter bottom.Take a look at this photograph.There is slot for SD card.It is very easy to put and remove SD card there.


Take a look at back of the quad.There is a battery bay where you put the battery which is included in the box and there is slot for plugging the battery.
Flight time of this quad copter is 5-6mins and charging time is around 60min. Battery is 450mah lipo battery.



Now take a look at bottom have quads there are LED in the arms of quadcopter.White is front and red in back which is good thing for night flying.Also there is an LED which shows camera is working making video or taking photo.

There some exciting things come with this quad you can make it like car and make it climbing drone.

Drone as Car:

Wheels are also included in box if you want your drone to be a car it can act like that as well.


Control Range:

It control range is about 80 meters and its fully functional in range, So if you are looking to buy your first quadcopter then it is best for it. It have everything camera, sports mode, car mode, climbing wall and it can do flips as well. So buy it from  or visit their Facebook page. its price is arroudn $60 roughly equal to PKR 6,000/-.

Review is sent by Sama Khaled


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