RODE Wireless Pro System: specs, features and price

by Adeel Younas
Rode Wireless Pro

Over the years, many companies have copied the design of RØDE’s wireless audio products. Recently RØDE introduces the Wireless Pro, an upgraded version equipped advanced features. It has extended range and 32-bit float internal recording during transmission. Notably, RØDE confirms that the recording feature will be supported in the US versions, a significant advantage for users. Let’s dive deeper and find out whats new in RØDE Wireless Pro System.

Features of the RØDE Wireless Pro System

RØDE Wireless Pro has following features that cater to YouTubers and Content Creators:
  • Dual-channel compact wireless microphone system for versatile recording options.
  • Cutting-edge Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission. It offers 128-bit encryption to ensures crystal-clear audio from up to 260 meters.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices, including cameras, smartphones, and computers.
  • 32-bit float on-board recording capability. It facilitate the retrieval of clipped or faint audio files.
  • Advanced timecode functionality for effortless audio synchronisation during post-production.
  • Intelligent GainAssist technology for flexible output gain control. It has safety channel to guarantee pristine audio when recording to cameras.
  • 32GB storage available on each transmitter, providing over 40 hours of backup recordings.
  • Locking 3.5mm TRS connectors ensure secure connections.
  • On-board level control for convenient headphone monitoring.

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Accessories and Design of RODE Wireless Pro System

The Wireless Pro system comes complete with various accessories out of box. It has high-quality furry windshields designed for recording in windy conditions. It also includes all necessary cables for connecting to cameras, phones, and other devices. There is a case for organized storage.


The Wireless Pro system maintains RØDE’s signature pocket-sized form factor. Current version features an updated black-on-black aesthetic. The lavaliere microphone incorporates a 3.5mm locking connector. This setup ensures a secure and reliable cable connection to the transmitter.

Rode Wireless Pro Cable

Dual-Channel Receiver for Superior Performance

The RØDE Wireless Pro System comes in a setup with two transmitters and a receiver. They work together in two channels. It uses advanced Series IV 2.4GHz digital technology to send audio signals wirelessly. It uses 128-bit encryption and there is almost no delay in audio transmission. You can expect clear audio even if you’re up to 260 meters away in a direct line of sight.

Rode Wireless Pro

Streamlined Audio File Management and Adjustment

The Wireless Pro system offers convenient tools for managing and fine-tuning audio files:
  • Users can easily export recordings through RØDE Central. It supports waveform data and audio dropouts highlighted for quick reference.
  • To normalize 32-bit float audio files, users have the option to adjust settings within RØDE Central.

RODE Wireless Pro System Setup

Effortless Timecode Integration

Timecode synchronization is made straightforward with the Wireless Pro system:
  • Enabling timecode involves connecting the receiver (RX) to a computer or phone and toggling the ‘Timecode’ setting in RØDE Central.
  • The system offers multiple timecode modes to suit various setups and preferences.

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Optimized Presets for Various Cameras

The Wireless Pro system includes camera presets that simplify gain level change:
  • Users can select presets designed to match specific camera models, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Custom presets can also be created for personalized setups.

The price for the RØDE Wireless Pro is $399, which is a good deal considering all the advanced features it provides. If you’re already using a RØDE wireless system and looking to upgrade, this could be a valuable step up. The new system offers benefits like 32-bit float recording, timecode synchronization, and intelligent GainAssist technology. These upgrades can enhance the quality and ease of your audio recordings.

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