Samsung Galaxy A34 and A54 Prices Leak: Higher than Last Year’s A33 and A53

by Sarah Forst
Samsung Galaxy A34 and A54

The Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, two new phones from Samsung, are coming out in just a few days, and much information about them has already been leaked. Now, people are more interested in how much they cost. The Galaxy A54 will have a 6.4-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with an FHD+ resolution, while the Galaxy A34 will have a bigger 6.6-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with the same resolution.

Samsung Galaxy A34 and A54

The A54 will have the Exynos 1380 processor and a 5,000mAh battery that can be charged at 25W. The A34, on the other hand, will have the Dimensity 1080 processor and 48+8+5MP rear and 13MP front cameras.

Recent leaks say that the Galaxy A54 will cost €520 in Europe and the Galaxy A34 will cost €420. (both for 128GB models). This is more expensive than the A53 and A33 from last year, which cost €450 and €370, respectively. Prices for the A54 and A34 in India are expected to be under 40,000 for the A54 and under 30,000 for the A34. Last year, the 6/128GB of A53 and A33 cost 35,000 and 26,000, respectively.

On March 15 or 16, Samsung will release the Galaxy A54 and A34. While we wait for them to come out, we can look at the many leaked renders of the phones, which show that they look like the Galaxy S23. The official cases for both models have also been made public.

It’s important to know that the Galaxy A14, which costs 15,000 in India, has not yet come out in Europe. When it finally comes out, the 64GB model will cost €220. Stay tuned for more information about when and how much the Galaxy A54 and A34 will cost.

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