Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wins ‘Gadget of the Year’ Award

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 790x444

This time, it’s not an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been crowned with the title ‘Gadget of the Year’ at India Mobile Congress (IMC) Awards. IMC Awards identify innovations that are reshaping the Information & Communication Technologies in India.

Samsung is India’s biggest smartphone brand and in order to let the consumers embrace the recently launched Galaxy Note 8 fully, the smartphone manufacturing giant did their best for the functionality of its voice assistant, Bixby.


Bixby understood ‘Indian Accents’ for voice command which helped in an increase of usage and more accurate responses and results from Samsung’s newly developed voice assistant Bixby. Samsung got a hype in their sales, too.

“Our ear to ground approach led by innovative technologies across product and service categories have made Samsung a popular choice amongst consumers and it is a great honor to be bestowed upon with this recognition,” said Mr. Asim Warsi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India.


This is a great comeback for Samsung keeping in mind how Note 7 turned out to be one of the biggest disaster in the history top notch smartphone manufacturer; Samsung.


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