Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Price, Release Date, Camera, and Features

by Sarah Forst
Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung is gearing up for its next big reveal, the Unpacked event on February 1st, and all signs point to the highly-anticipated Galaxy S23 lineup being the show’s star. So, what can we expect from the upcoming S23 lineup? Based on rumors, leaks, and Samsung’s past product launches, we anticipate seeing a Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. While we will have to wait until February 1st for official confirmation, there are a few things on our wishlist for the new phones. First and foremost, we hope to see longer battery life and even more advanced camera features.

Galaxy S23 Series Release Date

As for the release date, Samsung will likely announce the S23 series at the Unpacked event on February 1st in San Francisco. However, due to ongoing supply chain issues, it’s uncertain when the phones will be available for purchase. Samsung offers promotions for customers who reserve a phone early, with $50 in credit for reserving one device and $100 for reserving two.

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Galaxy S23 Series Models

Galaxy S23 Series

As for the models and sizes, we expect Samsung to continue releasing multiple phone models with different specs and prices to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Based on Samsung’s history, we anticipate an entry-level S23, a step-up S23 Plus with a larger screen, and the top-of-the-line S23 Ultra. The Ultra will likely feature the best tech, including extra cameras, the biggest display, and the S Pen stylus.

Galaxy S23 Series Prices

Galaxy S23 Price

How much is it going to cost? Based on how Samsung has priced its products in the past and what has been leaked, it’s safe to say that the S23 series will have a range of prices.

The S22 series came out last year, and the base model started at $800, the Plus model at $1,000, and the high-performance S22 Ultra at $1,200 in the US. Based on this, we can assume that the prices of the S23 models will be in the same range.

Galaxy S23 Series Cameras

Galaxy S23 Series Camera

The camera is one of the most important parts of a smartphone, and it looks like Samsung is taking it to the next level with the upcoming Galaxy S23 series. So, what should we expect from the S23 series cameras? Based on rumors, leaks, and Samsung’s past product releases, the S23 Ultra will have the most advanced camera features. Most of the time, Samsung’s best camera improvements are found in the Ultra model.

A 200-megapixel image sensor is something that many people hope to see. Samsung has already released two image sensors in other phones, but the S22 Ultra doesn’t have one. But the S23 Ultra may have it.

We also hope to see a zoom that is even better than what we have now. The S22 Ultra already had a 100x zoom, but the S23 Ultra might have an even stronger zoom. This would let you take clearer and more detailed pictures and videos, even when you are far away from the subject.

Also, we expect that the S23 series will have even better low-light performance. The S22 Ultra already did a great job in low light, but with the S23 Ultra, images could be even brighter and clearer in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Performance

Performance-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected to be a powerhouse. The S23 will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, according to rumors. This new chipset is expected to work faster and use less energy than its predecessor.

People say that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has a strange mix of CPU cores, including 1 Cortex-X3, 2 Cortex-A720, 2 Cortex-A710, and 3 Cortex-A510. This strong combination of cores should work well with the Adreno 740 graphics chip to make performance smooth and fast.

The Galaxy S23 is likely to have a better cooling system along with a powerful chipset. This should help keep the phone cool even when doing hard tasks like gaming or editing videos.

Samsung’s Isocell HP2 image sensor

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Price, Release Date, Camera, and Featuressamsung-isocell-hp2-image-sensor

But what is so special about this sensor? Using new methods, Samsung says that the HP2 improves the trade-off that image sensor designers usually make. When you increase the resolution, each pixel on the sensor usually gets smaller, which can make images look worse when there isn’t enough light. But when shooting at the full 200-megapixel resolution, the HP2 can get more light, improve HDR photos, and use AI technology to bring out the smallest details.

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