Samsung leader faces arrest in South Korea

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Samsung’s previous some months have been pretty lousy, but they are to get much, much effective.

South Korean prosecutors have announced that they are investigating and also the arrest a warrant of Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Yong (aka Jay Y. Lee). Investigators claim that Lee was

Investigators claim that Lee was directly included in payments made to Choi Soon-sil, an associate of the country’s criticize President with the effective way of control, in a supposed bid to clinch support for an organization.


A court will also approve the arrest warrant of the Samsung president and Samsung will not respond the arrest warrant of the court notice.

It’s already clear that the objective of arresting the Lee would be a serious shock to both him and Samsung whole organization.

Lee, as the son of Chairman Lee Kun-hee (himself convicted and pardoned), was touch formally to take control of Samsung in time. His sisters hold powerful positions, but they weren’t prepared as the visible follower.

If Samsung will think about the leadership again, it risks creating a lot much change in the country at large. would be ready to select its previous leader with no relation to the company president? and whoever comes next to be as successful? While it is very far away from the evident that they will answer the very hard questions. But they are restricted to be worrying in a nation where Samsung is a big institution in the world.


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